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Mansi Khandelwal

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This ‘Bandookwali Chachi’ From U.P. Shoots Patriarchy Straight In The Head!

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  •  November 16, 2016


I mean almost all of us crib for something or the other that happens in our daily lives but do we have the courage to change or fight it?

A true inspiration for young girls, 42-year-old Shahana Begum from Shahjahanpur decided to become the change herself! She carries a gun and confronts anyone who tries to eve-tease, sexually assault or hurt a woman or girl in her neighborhood. She lost her husband 17 years ago and since then is popularly known as ‘Bandookwali Chachi’ (aunt with a gun).

Blame it on our patriarchal society or the mindset of people in small towns; Shahana faced her share of struggles after her husband’s demise. Fearing for her safety in a male-dominated village, she took extreme measures and started carrying a gun to protect herself, her daughters and other vulnerable girls.

She who did not give up on her will and courage to fight the eve teasers back told Daily Mail, “My gun is now my second husband… No man dares trouble a woman in my district nowadays… They know I will shoot them. I protect the women of my society like a mother and it is the responsibility of every mother to safeguard her children.”

This strong headed woman brought justice to a girl who was raped for two days by three men in 2013 in Shahjahanpur. She handed the criminals to the police and compelled them to accept their crime. The main offender out of the three, however, later married the victim and went scot-free.

Being a woman of such strong character, she inspires all the women in her neighborhood who look up to Shahana in times of need and feel free to approach her with their problems. Shahana, a mother of four children, has garnered so much trust and respect among other women in the village that she is the first person they consult and discuss their issues regarding domestic violence or any threat they face in the village.

You are such a warrior, Shahana Begum!

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