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Himanshu Roy

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This Bill Will Empower & Protect The Rights Of Transgenders

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  •  July 22, 2016


Abuses, discrimination, and hostility, are some of the things which people from the transgender community of India are bound to face at least at some points of their lives. Many a time the people responsible for their plights go unpunished because there are no provisions in the law to look after their interests.

But there’s finally some good news for the transgender community. The government has recently cleared The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill 2016, which is aimed to empower, protect and benefit transgender people.

This is a major headway in a country where people from the LGBT community are still looked down upon and often attacked and humiliated by the society. The Bill will serve as a safeguard for their interests and could also be the first step towards their upliftment.

What more? The government is also mulling the inclusion of the transgender people into reservations lists such as Other Backward Classes in order to give them a more equal footing in the society.

On the part of the government, it has been said that through this bill it wants to construct an evolved mechanism for social, economic and the educational empowerment of Transgenders. Given the fact that most often people from the third gender are ridiculed and discriminated upon, the bill will give them security.

The bill also has the list of offences against Transgenders which are punishable by the law. For instance, if someone forces such a person to do bonded labor or incites them to beg, they will be seen as criminals. The same goes for ostracizing them or making them leave their villages and familial homes.

We fervently hope that in the coming days, this law will include more members of the LGBT community and give them legal protection which will look after their interests.


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