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Lavanya Bahuguna


This Delhi Mom’s Reaction After Seeing Her Son’s New Haircut Is Hilarious

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  •  November 8, 2016


After reading her romantic novel, I expected Author Kanchana Banerjee to be a hopeless romantic. However, her latest post on Facebook shattered the glass. In a funny way.

Kanchana recently posted two before & after pictures of her son, Rohan, sitting at the salon. Read the punch line on her post that will crack you up, also describing how funny motherhood can sometimes be.


LOL, I like how she’s used the name of her book ‘A Forgotten Affair‘ in the quote.

Psst, poor Rohan! I am sure he loves growing his wild curls, but as they say, it’s not easy to argue with momma-bears.

On this note, the No-shave November has begun, and every man on the Planet Earth is trying to grow a thick beard (and look freaking hot!). What about you?

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