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Himanshu Roy

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This Indian Environmentalist Left Leonardo Di Caprio Stumped While Discussing Climate Change

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  •  November 10, 2016


Of course, you are aware of the word climate change and the looming threat it has on humanity. But as the world is slowly waking up to the dangers of global warming and mass consumption of non-renewable energy sources, there is a difference between the beliefs of the east and the west.

There’s an underlying sense of hypocrisy among the Western countries, particularly America when it comes to the crusade against climate change. They often feel that to be environment warriors, they need to change the rest of the world for good, without bringing much change themselves.

However, we as a country need to realize that we need to play our part in saving the environment.

Noted environmental scientist Sunita Narayan pointed out precisely this point to actor Leonardo Di Caprio, who was left speechless when he was confronted about this mindset.

It so happened that Caprio appeared in the award-winning National Geographic documentary Before the Flood, which is on climate change and the threats that it is posing in the immediate future of the world.

Among the many people whom Leo interviewed was Sunita Narayan, director general of the Centre for Science and Environment.

While interviewing her, Caprio asked Narayan about the way India plans to raise the standard of living of the people living in the country and simultaneously ponder over the consequences of climate change.

Narayan’s answer was prompt and crisp. It was America that started this problem by excessive abuse of non-renewable energy sources in the last century and now, along with developing countries in Asia and Africa, the onus is also on them to rein in their consumption.

Leo was left a bit flabbergasted but was quick to agree, saying that Narayan was absolutely correct and he completely agrees with her.

He also said that it would be difficult to present the argument of changing their lifestyle to Americans, as it is quite possible that it’s never going to happen.

Narayan went on to point out that currently, even China is doing more investment in solar energy today than America and it’s about time that Uncle Sam does some serious self-introspection.

Kudos to this lady for giving a reality check on climate change.

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