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This Indian Girl Traveled 32 Countries Alone In A Self Funded Trip

  • JWB Post
  •  August 11, 2015


Leena Bansal is the founder of blog spot Miss Walking Shoes.

She quit her job in April 2014 to travel across the globe which included exploring India, too! Her plan was simple – study hard, get a well payed job, save money and travel.

She began with Singapore and Malaysia in 2011. She tells:

“There I was introduced to backpacking lifestyle, and I met many long-term travellers. I realized that if one can cut on little luxuries, it is not exactly unaffordable to travel around the world. I started saving and finally last year, I quit my job to travel around the world solo. All my travels are self-funded and self-organized.”

About traveling alone in India, she says:

“I have traveled solo in India and even though most people might not agree, I have found going in India quite safe. I have moved from border villages to disputed areas without much trouble. I used to read lot of travel blogs and most of them suggest that India is one of more complex countries to go in. So if one can travel in India, rest of the world is a cakewalk.”

On saving money for the trip, she advises:

“I stay with my parents so I do not have any lodging/ food expenses. Plus I was working on good salary. All I had to do was to cut my unnecessary expenses. I was always buying clothes and shoes so once I decided to do this RTW trip, I stopped shopping altogether. I also did a few freelancing projects.

While I was travelling I was on a budget using overland transportation within a continent, shared rooms with unknown travellers in the dormitories, cooked my meals.”

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