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Jayati Godhawat

JWB Blogger

This NY Fest Celebrates The Beauty Of Natural Unruly Hair

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  •  July 20, 2016


The world is so obsessed with everything straight, lean and trimmed that we are trying to become a place of clones who look exactly the same.

Thankfully, people are making efforts to re-introduce to the ignorant world the beauty which is not bound to a specific shape, size, color, hair, etc.

To break the spell of “only straight hair are beautiful, “ New York, hosted Curlfest in 2014, for the first time, which attracted thousands of people to celebrate their natural  hair and heritage.

Since then it’s hosting the event annually. This year, too, the Curly Girl Collective, held the CurlFest At Prospect Park, 16th Street, Brooklyn where people from all walks of life came together to acknowledge their beauty that lies in diversity.

An image activist, Michaela Angela Davis said,  “This is like black girl heaven to me.” “We’re wearing our hair our and happy. I feel like I’ve dropped into a bouquet of beautiful black flowers,” she added.

One of the visitors highlighted the essence of the event by stating, “Something like this is great because visually, it allows our children to see a standard of beauty that centers on us. Also, just culturally, to be in an environment where black people are working and loving each other, it’s just a powerful thing.”  

Watch the video here:

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