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Himanshu Roy

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This Photo App Can Turn Your Pictures Into Van Gogh & Picasso Masterpieces

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  •  July 12, 2016


Have you ever toyed with the idea of being captured on the canvas? Maybe just an errant thought that occurred to you as you stood inside the Louvre, marveling at the artistic masterpieces all around you. But no worries, even if you don’t find a painter like Da Vinci interested in making you his Mona Lisa, you can download an app from the Apple Store that could instantaneously transform your photos into regal pieces of artwork.

wszyscy mają, mam i ja 💁🏼 #prisma #gdansk #polishgirl #selfie #art #fashion #perfect #design #gdansk_official #colorful #polska #polskadziewczyna

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Huomenta! 💕Olipa hassua herätä ilman tämän kaverin aamutervehdystä 🤔😮💕 #chihuahua #mydog #❤️ #prisma #prismaapp

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Yes, I am talking about Prisma, an app unlike any other that can add art like effects to your photos at the click of a button. Since this app is entirely dedicated to giving such effects, the varieties are many. Be it the mermaid effect or the manga touch or even the comic book look, Prisma can make your photo look special.

Amo de todo jeito! #prisma #appnovo #curti

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At a time when everyday Instagram is flooded with selfies and photos that are edited with a large array of special effects, Prisma could be extremely fun and easy to use. As of now, Prisma provides the user with 33 filters, but the makers are planning to increase them with each of the updates.

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If you are an Android user and sulking because the app is not available in the Play store, then here’s some good news for you guys. The makers of the app plan to launch it soon for Android platforms and surely you can imagine the ripples that it will create among mobile junkies.

Of course, who would want to miss a chance to be a Picasso?

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