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This Topper Shares With JWB How Rajasthan Board Failed Her

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  •  November 19, 2016


What are we more worried about? The exams or its results? Well, considering how our Board examiners never fail to surprise or rather shock us every year, students these days are not anxious about the results but are more vexed about the correct results.

No matter even if you work your ass off and you are sure to make your family happy and pados wali aunty jealous, the examiners are the ones to decide your fate!

Recently, Priyanka Sharma, a class 12 student of humanities from Malpura Government School in Rajasthan’s Tonk district, found an abnormality in her Senior Secondary Examination results that were announced in May. While she attained above 90 percent marks in all her subjects, she had only got 27 percent in Political Science.

Priyanka, who was extremely sure of her performance couldn’t believe the result and immediately sent the paper back for a reevaluation. She shared with us what she went through during that phase.

JWB: When was your result declared and what was your reaction after you saw those marks which you couldn’t believe?

Priyanka: My result was declared on 28th May and after seeing 27 marks in Political Science, I was shocked. I couldn’t believe on having scored so low marks because I was sure of my performance. I immediately sent my papers for rechecking on 31st May.

 JWB: What difficulties did you face while applying to colleges?

Priyanka: I faced a lot of issues. My school principal tried to get the rechecked papers as early as possible because I had to apply in colleges but the Board did not cooperate. My revised result with 92 marks in Political Science as opposed to earlier scored 27, came after four months.

As a result of this, I did not get Geography in college and I had to forcefully study History.

I felt really bad after hearing this and I asked her if she had got the course of her choice then?

Priyanka: The revised result took so much time that by then I had started with my classes in Maharani College. Though I tried to ask the college authority to shift me to Geography but they refused, saying the seats had been all occupied. In fact, I even informed them before my result but they didn’t pay any heed.

JWB: Why do you think such errors take place and how does it affect the students?

Priyanka: Such grave errors occurring in our copies due to the Board’s mistake affect the mental state of a student enormously. Also, the consequences are not just for that moment but they also have to face further repercussions like I had.

After the improved results, it turned out that Priyanka had received the fourth highest marks in Rajasthan, making her one of the state toppers.

Apart from the happiness that her result could have brought in the first go, this glaring error on part of the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education, denied Priyanka a silver medal and Rs. 1 lakh cash prize that was reserved for all state toppers.

JWB: Have you written to the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education regarding this?

Priyanka: I haven’t but my Principal Girdhar Singh has written to the board. Since they haven’t replied to us as of yet, we are only hopeful they will do.

I wish to say that in such cases colleges should cooperate with the students when the results are increased and allow them to pursue the course of their choice. Also, the State Board officials should not take months to revert with the results because it hinders the future of the student.

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