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Himanshu Roy

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This Website Will Help You Earn Money By Getting Married

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  •  July 23, 2016


Ever heard of making money from your own wedding? Oh no, I am not talking about the disgusting practice of dowry or even hinting at the expensive gifts that you get from your relatives. Instead, it’s just by letting a few foreign tourists inside your wedding that you can earn some serious money.

Sounds a bit oxymoronic, isn’t it? But surely you have seen the curiosity (sometimes ridiculous) of such tourists to get a peek inside the ‘mysterious’ world of Indian culture. Not joking but once I personally witnessed a tourist guide charging a foreign lady for clicking the pictures of elephant dung (yikes) at Amer Fort.

So now courtesy a website called Experience The Wedding, couples who are about to be married can now open their wedding to foreign tourists who want to get acquainted with the Indian culture. They will take in the various rituals and customs with huge eyes, will taste the food and exclaim “God, that’s spicy!” could also try to chant a few Sanskrit mantras by paying for all these things.

After paying the money, the website arranges accommodation for the whole wedding, food, access to events and also a guide who will be explaining the tourists about the various complex rituals and customs.

The website will receive a commission from the total money paid by the foreigners and the rest will go into the pockets of the couple, who quite predictably will be happy to see a big fat cheque after all the money that they have spent for the wedding.

The website has also tied up with travel guides and travel agencies in order to sell the tickets better. So, as a result of this unique idea, you get to earn some serious money during your wedding and the tourists also get to witness a big fat Indian wedding. I daresay, that the prospect of showing the angrez uncles and aunties to your kids as you sift through your marriage album is also a good one. What say?

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