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Priya Motiani

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Tokyo Gets Its First-Ever Female Governor. Hurray!

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  •  August 3, 2016


Tokyo had a historical moment this Sunday when it received its first-ever female governor.

Say hi to Yuriko Koike, Japan’s first-ever female defense minister who defeated former bureaucrat and fellow member of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s party, Hiroya Masuda, and the liberal journalist, Shuntaro Torigoe, as per an exit poll by public broadcaster NHK.

“Taking this result very heavily, as the new governor, I would like to move forward firmly with the administration of the metropolis. I would like to move forward with a metropolitan administration such as has never happened, never been seen, together with all of you,” Koike told the supporters.

Surprisingly enough, other than the problems of an aging population, shortage of daycare, and the constant possibility of earthquakes, the biggest issue in the campaign was the 2020 Olympics. And why wouldn’t it be! After all, the Olympics are the country’s only hope of being rescued from what seems incessant deflation.

Given this scenario and the resignations of the Tokyo’s previous two governors, the entire responsibility of hosting the games falls on Koike’s shoulders.

“The Olympics are right in front of us. I want to use them as a chance to build a new Tokyo for beyond 2020,” Koike said when the campaign began.

We congratulate you and wish you all the luck, Koike, as you travel to Rio De Janeiro to accept the Olympic Flag as the next host, next month.


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