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Treat Yourself With This Quick Parsi Breakfast Recipe By India’s Youngest Female Chef

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  •  November 1, 2016


JWB had recently narrated the story of Anahita Dondy, the youngest Indian Female Chef, with all of you. And, since Diwali has obviously proven to be slightly heavy on our tummies, here’s a creative and unique breakfast recipe called, Akuri.

Akuri is a spicy breakfast dish majorly cooked in the Parsi cuisine. Usually made with eggs, Anahita shared an eggless version:

Well, JWB, I love eating and preparing a good breakfast, but it’s mostly brunch on the days I am off. So Akuri is an all time favorite. Quick, easy and delicious.      


Chopped onion and tomatoes 100gm
paneer grated 150gm
coriander powder 1gm
degi mirch 1gm
haldi 1gm
butter 15gm
Fried cashewnut 8gm
chop coriander 1gm
salt to taste
sambhar masala 1gm
Garlic chopped 10gm


  1. In a pan, add oil, add garlic and green chillies then the onion and brown nicely.
  2. Add the masalas, and cook the onions. Then add the tomatoes and cook the mixture.
  3. Add the coriander and then the grated paneer. Add salt to check seasoning.
  4. Lastly add the cashew nuts and the butter
  5. Toss well, garnish with onion rings and fresh coriander springs. 

We really don’t mind giving you a hand at finishing that once it’s cooked. Don’t forget to invite us! *wink*

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