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Himanshu Roy

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VIDEO: Papa Explains The Meaning Of Masturbation To Pappu

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  •  July 25, 2016


Jack has a bat; Jill has a ball, and they play. What happens when Jill leaves Jack? With only a bat and no ball, Jack can’t play anymore and becomes depressed. But his depression is short lived since he meets another guy called Jack whose friend (also named Jill) has left him. But he isn’t depressed. Why?

Well, he has discovered another way to play by just imagining Jill bowling while he bats. Now, Jack becomes happy once again because now he has discovered the secret of playing alone.

If you are wondering that why this alternate story of Jack and Jill wasn’t there in your syllabus back in school then rest assured that it wasn’t because of any mistake on the part of the education department.

This story was had to be churned out from the mind of a father, who is left with the ordeal to explain to his six-year-old son that what masturbation means.

Yes, you heard it right. All these allusions to bat, ball, and playing amount to the act of masturbation as explained in a brilliant video by Y-films. The web series is titled Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa and it’s equally hilarious as well indicative of the fact that how sex education in our country should be.

In the video, when this son asks his dad about masturbation, he has two choices. Either to scold him and say that such questions shouldn’t be asked (much like dads who have been doing the same thing for generations) or explain the birds and bees to the child in a practical sort of way.

It is then that he comes up with this idea of invoking Jack and Jill to explain about masturbation to the boy. Oh, and all this while, the dad is reminded of his own father, who rigidly tells him not to answer such questions.

But at the end of the video, daddy cool is the victor and successfully explains the meaning of masturbation to son Pappu. The video leaves us with the message that instead of taking the topic of sex as a taboo there has to be a sane approach towards it.

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