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Saloni Jain

JWB Intern

Watch: Girliyapa’s ‘How I Raped Your Mother’ Talks About Marital Rape

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  •  May 18, 2016


The Viral Fever’s new channel has come up with a new video and guess what their subject is?  It’s something that we all know about but are hesitant to talk.

Yes, I’m talking about marital rape. 

I have been a fan of TVF’s videos since their videos are quite quirky and bring out the subject matter very clearly and their latest video titled: How I raped your mother portrays boldly the delicate issue of marital rapes. A recent study conducted in eight Indian states showed that 33% of the men surveyed admitted to “having forced a sexual act upon their wives/ partners at some point in their lives implying that the scenario is terrible in Indian households.

In this video, Devika (Aakanksha Thakur) is seen sitting  with her extended family and confiding in them that her husband Arun (Anandeshwar Dwivedi) has been forcing himself on her. Then, it is revealed that all the females in their family have gone through similar situations but rather term it as intense lovemaking, and she is asked to compromise according to her husband’s wish.

Then her husband is called to their house, and a funny argument takes place defining the issue aptly. We see that everyone but Devika is supporting Arun with his intense lovemaking, and he is even praised for this.

Watch the video below:

In the video, at first, Devika is adamant that her consent is necessary but towards the end she apologizes to Arun and accepts the fact that her consent does not really matter.

When a girl raises her voice,  why is she asked to keep quiet and follow the traditions blindly?

Girliyapa brought forward  this issue in a groundbreaking manner and this satire is definitely going to leave a lot of people open-mouthed.



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