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  •  February 17, 2014

When we tried to get into the minds of your men about what you should wear this Love Month, they single-mindedly said that “your originality makes you different and makes them fall in love with you every day.”

Although men differ in their occupations but the common subject they got occupied with was Real You. So today whenever you stand in front of the mirror, stop for a while and praise yourself in words of your beloved. We have seen your heart’s intensity while selecting dresses and looking curiously for the views of your men. But the truth is that your man watches the beauty in you beyond the Labels. He feel proud of being with a woman that has flaws and imperfections.  Don’t you believe?

P.S.  And the best label to dress up on, as Ritu Kumar brand says, is your personality, smile and grace. Win already conquered heart of your man in one of these dresses from Ritu Kumar.

1. Mr. AKHLAQ AGHWANI – Fashion Designer, CEO at Suheb’s export, says: “I would love to see my spouse dressed in a long gown or a floral dress, preferably in chiffon on this special day.”

2. Mr. RAHUL BHANDARI – M.D. Panache Buildtech, says: “I would like my wife to dress up in a Turquoise Blue top and jeans.”

3. Capt. MIRZA M. BAIG – Commercial pilot, says: “I would like to see my lady dressed in a graceful Churidar suit, in pastel colors and soft material like silk or chiffon.”


4. PANKAJ KOTHARI, Men’s Fashion Designer & Owner of PKIN Luxury Clothing, says: “I would like my Valentine to dress in plain white dress. So that when I shower rose petals on her today, all I can see is the color of rose petals & lovely smile on her face.”

5. SHAN BHATNAGAR, Interior Designer & Artist, says: “My lady always looks so lovely in whatever she wears. But for today, I wish to see her in a high street fashion – Casual Jeans and top!”

6. MICKEY CASTELINO, Social Worker, says: “I believe beauty resides in simplicity. So for my wife I would prefer a saree.”

7. HIMMAT SINGH, Fashion Designer, says: “For me, it is Kurti Kachli. I love the traditional Rajasthan and would want to see my beloved in this most favorite ethnic outfit from our soil.”

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