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We Watched Rytasha Rathore’s ‘Kaarnamey’ Punching The Sexist Indian Ads & It’s Hilarious

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  •  August 23, 2016


Remember that one girl/boy in your class who would go to lengths to make you burst into laughter in the middle of the class? I was one such kid. Even though my mother used to teach in the same school, I had no fear of any lord.

And then I bumped into Rythasha Rathore. A girl as bubbly as I was back in school. She reminds me of the good ol’ days. This Mumbai girl makes oh-so-cute-and-funny videos and her page is called #Kaarnamey. Why should you watch her? ‘Cz she does the best Indian-Aunty chronicles.

Tell us a little about you.

I don’t even know where to start with. I have a family of four. My dad’s a Gastroenterologist, and my mum runs the hospital. All of us are obsessed with one another, and we’re the most chilled out Rathores around.

My friends in Bombay are mainly my girl crew from school. We’ve been friends for years now, and they’re the best support system anyone could ask for.

Why the name #Kaarnamey?

That is how I used to introduce every adevnture of mine to my elder sister. Also, Shenanigans is too mainstream, and I think Kaarnamey suits my personality.

When did theater happen? Were you always fond of acting?

Yes. During school plays, I’d decided that “this is it”. By 11th standard, I made up my mind that this is gonna be my career. I’m not sure if it’s the acting I enjoy – it’s more the rehearsal process, the constant working on oneself, learning things about yourself and others that you wouldn’t do otherwise. The adrenaline of performing is also pretty epic.

Do female comedians face difficulty getting recognition?

Female comedians are probably only recognised in the urban sectors. But then again with YouTube, Instagram and stuff, there’s more visibility for female comedians. 

I love how you’ve lightly explored the hypocrisy of Indians through the poster of Great Grand Masti.


Oh God! That poster! I opened the Bombay times one morning and just happened to see it. I didn’t even know what to think. I think sex comedies are hilarious and all that – but in the given circumstances of our censor board it was just ridiculous. The poster itself is not wrong. But why isn’t the same kind of “open-mindedness” in action when it comes to other things? It’s so messed up. It’s like “censor the real problems but let’s talk about cum and pussy. Lalala sex is hilarious, but a serious drug problem in an entire state? NO NO, we can’t show that to the audience”. Oh, censor board, grow up. The audience is far more intelligent than you give them credit for.

I agree with you. Also, it’s funny how you pick on stereotypical and nonsense Indian ads.

I mean, why does an ad for a mango beverage need to be so sexual? WHY? India has some amazing ads, don’t get me wrong. But for how long will we continue to market things by putting such a sexual lens on women? The responsibility also lies with the actors to not encourage advertising of this sort – but alas, sitting on pots of cash must ease the guilt of willingly sexualising your own sex while drinking mango juice. Ammirite?

Dude, can I bow down for your Indian Aunty videos?

My Auntyji character is an amalgamation of all kinds of Aunty stereotypes. Growing up in South Bombay, you deal with a whole other kind of Aunty breed. I can’t begin to describe.

Your opinion about body positivity. You’re oozing confidence in that bikini!

Arey, I used to think “Oh, I’m fat. I can’t do a bikini”. But going to the drama school has changed me. Basically, I have stopped giving a fuck. No Vogue or Cosmo or, for that matter, any Aunti Ji can come and tell me what I should and shouldn’t wear.

How is your mother an inspiration/support to you? (example: bringing momos. #JustSaying)

She is the most affectionate person on Earth. Her laugh is contagious. She is so cool and ‘hearts’ all my Instagram posts. In short, she supports my madness.

Which #‎RytashaKaTamasha the world is yet to encounter?

Next, I want to do Equal Wage for all sexes. Any ideas?

What’s your one dream and how are you planning to achieve it?

One dream? Wow. That’s a loaded question. Well, the simplest dream is to open a little cafe in Kasol. That’s my plan 15 years down the line. I’m going to keep acting and telling stories and make lots of money. Then open an organic café and peace the fuck out.

Best compliment ever?

When people say that my Kaarnamey makes their day. That’s a great thing to hear!

Follow Rytasha and here and say #‎StereotypesDiMaaDi. Aisa mai nahi, Rytasha kehti hai.

(Pictures from Rytasha’s social media pages.)

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