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Welcome Alka Batra – New Chairperson of Ficci Flo Jaipur

  • JWB Post
  •  April 30, 2015


A big round of applause for Alka Batra, the new chairperson of FICCI FLO Jaipur Chapter. Founder of Aegis Consultancy Services, Alka has already proved herself in the field of business and is among the 1st generation of successful businesswomen in Jaipur. Jaipur Women Blog met the iron-lady to know her master plans for the coming year long tenure.

JWB – First of all, congratulations. You truly deserve this.

Alka – Thank you very much.

JWB – Our earlier interaction with you was to promote gender equality in business world. The response was excellent.

Alka – I really liked that campaign, totally changing the perception of our male-dominated society. Even ‘Finger in the Pie’ was quite interesting.

JWB – Thank you. We’re eager to know about your plans to bring new changes into the organization.

Alka – I have been connected with FLO for 7 yrs now and it has been a lovely experience. With this new position, I want to make the organization a little more professional. To begin with, I have already made 16 committees dividing our wonderful FLO women in groups according to their forte and capabilities. This includes committees for – welcome, business development, hospitality, accounts, PR, media, consultancy, etc. The groups are formed to make each event worth attending while working as a team.

JWB – What is your vision for FLO Jaipur?

Alka – We’re about 585 members and my mission is to get trained alongside each one of them in one particular field. By the end of the year, I want to see 100 more enthusiastic women joining our brilliant team.

JWB – Towards this, what kind of events are you planning to hold?

Alka – Each event will have one message to take back. Today we had Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla with us who spoke on the hazardous nature of mobile phone/tower radiations.

Jaipur Women Blog has attended this event, and we had a beautiful interaction with Juhi Chawla. We will share it with you soon.

JWB – It is noticed that when a celebrity comes, the attendance goes up which is otherwise during non-celeb events. How are you planning to look after this issue?

Alka – I have already started working towards this. I will make sure that every Motivational Speaker induces humor while interacting with women. Also, speakers with mission similar to us will be given preference over people with a commercial purpose.

JWB – What will be the ‘it’ factor of your Chairmanship?

JWB – Are you ready for some quick questions?

Alka (laughs) – Okay!

JWB – One thing you want to change with this new responsibility.

Alka – The way people look at FICCI FLO. With right actions, FLO Jaipur will create value.

JWB – One thing you will challenge in yourself.

Alka – Aggression. I will try to become more patient and use my aggressive nature in a right direction.

JWB – Who inspires you the most?

Alka – Kiran Bedi. When she came to Jaipur last year for an event, I asked her if I could touch her hands to see if she is for real.

Yes, Alka has a beautiful tattoo too,


JWB – One thing not everyone knows about you.

Alka – Though I am into consultancy services, I am not very tech-savvy.

JWB – One unexpected thing which is always present in your hand-bag.

Alka – Pen drive!

JWB – 5 expected things in your hand-bag.

Alka – I-pad, cash, lipstick, comb and perfume.

JWB – You were quick! Excellent!

Alka – Thank you!

We wish Alka all the best for her new journey. Keep watching this space for new FICCI FLO Jaipur events!

Photographer: Shashank K Tyagi

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