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Priya Motiani

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WhatsApp Just Launched Two New Features For Android Users

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  •  July 21, 2016


WhatsApp has given Android users (including me) a reason to mock the iPhone ones.

Just today, it launched the Callback and the Voicemail feature, which, for the time being, function only on its android app. These are available on the app’s latest beta version 2.16.189, to be precise.

So, if you happen to miss a call on WhatsApp (that happens a lot with me), you get to see the above said two features under the call log section.

Best part?

The user at the other end need not necessarily have the same version. Isn’t that awesome?

*Speaks in cabin crew voice* To record a voicemail, tap and keep holding the icon while you speak. To call back, hit the call back icon which flashes on the same screen in a green bubble.

*Cabin crew voice over and out* Isn’t that awesome? Tell me who are you sending your first WhatsApp voice mail to. Oh, and the iPhone users, you can ignore all of this. It doesn’t concern you! *Smirks*

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