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Avantika Singhal

JWB Contributor

Woman To Know: Anju Bobby George, India’s Greatest Long Jumper

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  •  June 21, 2016


Scoopwhoop’s on-going countdown leading up to Rio Olympics’16 has got us to applaud a great and iconic woman athlete – Anju Bobby George – all over again.

She is the only athlete to win a medal at World Athletes Championship, where she secured the bronze medal in 2003 with a jump of 6.70m. She saved her best-ever jump for the Athens Olympics in 2004, but her 6.83 m jump could get her the fifth position only.

It is known that when Anju was younger, she was excellent at everything but her Moment to Shine came in the form of this 6.70 m jump, making her the first Indian ever to win a medal at the Athletic Worlds in 2003.

It is no secret that women athletes are often neglected because of their gender and the fact that they could be lacking in physical strength as compared to men. Well, off with that!

Anju, however, has done it all. She has secured fabulous titles in Asia Games and Commonwealth Games. She also embarked on a journey of praises as she was upgraded to Gold Status from Silver in the 2005 World Athletics Final in Monte Carlo after her fellow athlete from Russia was tested positive for doping.

That’s not just it.

She is the epitome of inspiration, courage, and honesty. In a world which is littered with athletes testing positive for various performance enhancement drugs, Anju rose as a saint. She was never a doper and seeing her passion and enthusiasm for what she does testifies that she will never cause disrepute to India.

She was also appointed as the Target Olympic Podium Scheme Chairperson very recently. She will take charge from December first week. Her duties include closely looking into the complaints of athletes who are not receiving adequate funds and support from the government for their preparation of 2016 Rio Olympics.

Sometimes, athletes don’t make genuine demands, and Anju wants to make sure that she aids the smooth implementation of this process.

After all, she wants athletes to benefit from all the resources available.

After all, there was a time when even she was a pea in the pod.

We truly value efforts that are centered on helping other people, and Anju is our inspiration to be kind and considerate despite sitting at one of the many thrones of the Sports community of India.

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