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Priya Motiani

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You MUST Try These Teej Mithai Recipes By Jaipur’s Best Chefs Today!

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  •  August 5, 2016


I may not fully know the significance that Teej holds for married women, but I do know that the festival is a goldmine for scrumptious and drool-worthy sweets. I mean, I know Ghewar is the reigning king at this time of the year, but that shouldn’t keep us from tending to the other equally delicious members of the mithai-fraternity.

It wouldn’t be fair. Right?

Which is why we bring to you some Teej-special delicacies from the city’s best 5-star kitchenettes. Psst! These come with a twist.

Having said that, I would also like to tell you that these recipes have been designed keeping in mind the convenience and ease of making them at home. (I say you’re in good luck, buddies!)

Let’s begin with these laddoos that have enchanted you and lead you to this blog.

Doodh Wale Fresh Coconut Ladoo


Freshly grated coconut (remove the black part) – 2 no (250 gm)

Full-fat milk – 200 ml

Sugar – 300 gm

Condensed milk – 200 ml

Grated dry, desiccated coconut – 200 gm

Rose water – 10 ml

Elaichi powder – 1 gm

Ghee -150 gm


Heat a heavy bottomed pan and add the ghee.

When the ghee is medium hot, add the freshly grated coconut and cook slowly stirring all the time till you get a nice soondha smell.

Add Sugar 300 gm, milk 200 ml, elaichi powder and cook till the time the mixture is dry.

Remove from fire, mix rose water and spread on a flat surface.

When the mixture is warm, divide the entire mixture into equal size balls.

Make roundels and flatten in your palm, spoon up the condensed milk in the centre and lovingly stuff them.

Roll them in the dry desiccated coconut powder.

Gulab Pistachio Kheer (Rose Pudding)


Fresh Rose Petals – 150 gm

Milk Gold (Full cream) – 1.5 ltr

Sugar (for sugar syrup) – 120 gm

Water (for sugar syrup) – 120 ml

Pistachio – 25 gm

For Garnishing:

Fresh Rose Petals



For sugar syrup – cook sugar and water together, until one string consistency is formed.

Clean the fresh rose petals and add them to the sugar syrup and cook until the water released from petals evaporates and a nice thick marmalade of rose and sugar gets ready.

In a heavy bottom pan, bring the milk to boil. Simmer on low heat till the milk is reduced to ½ of the original quantity.

Now, add the rose marmalade & crushed pistachios (12.5 gms) in the milk; simmer for another few minutes.

Take it off the stove and allow the kheer to cool down for some time.

Chill it for few hours in the refrigerator.

While serving, garnish with crushed pistachio and rose petals. Enjoy!

Coco Milk Sago


Fresh coconut: 100 gms

Pumpkin: 150 gms

Sago (sabudana): 150 gms

Corn flour: 50 gms

Condensed milk: 200 ml

Coconut cream: 200 ml

Milk: 300 ml

Sugar: 4 tsp


  1. Soak the sabudana in water for at least 20 minutes
  2. Cut small dices of pumpkin and blanch them. Drain the water.
  3. Grate fresh coconut properly and keep it aside.
  4. Take a pan and pour coconut cream, condensed milk, and milk in it. Boil the mixture for at least 5 minutes.
  5. Add the diced pumpkin and soaked sabudana to the pan and cook. Add sugar. For thickening the mixture, add cornflour.
  6. Once the dish is fully cooked, garnish it with grated coconut.
  7. Serve this hot, or chilled, as may be required.

Ghewar with Baked Yogurt Caramelized Fruit And Bajre Crumble


  • Ghee – 50 ml
  • Ice cube – 50 gm
  • Paneer – 25 gm
  • Milk – 50 ml
  • Refined Flour – 200 gm
  • Water – 500 ml
  • Ghee for frying 1000 ml


  • Water – 50 ml
  • Sugar – 100 gm
  • Cardamoms 2 pcs

Caramelized Fruit

  • Orange Cube – 50 gm
  • Apple Cube – 50 gm
  • Sugar – 50 gm

Baked  Yoghurt

  • Milk Made – 100 gm
  • Curd – 100 gm
  • Cooking Cream – 100 gm

Bajre Crumble

  • Butter –  50 gm
  • Sugar – 50 gm
  • Bajre flour – 20 gm
  • Refined Flour – 50  gm
  • Oat – 20 gm


Baked Yoghurt

Take a mixing bowl add milk maid, curd, cooking cream together, whisk it till it gets smooth, put it in the mold, bake it inside the oven 180’c for 10 to 12 minutes.

Crumble Bajre

Take mixing bowl, mix butter and sugar together, then mix refined flour, oat and bajre flour in it, bake at 200’c for 10 to 12 minutes. Crumble the baked mixture.


Mix the sugar, cardamoms and water in a pan and boil till you get a 2 string consistency. To check the consistency, take a bit of the syrup in a spoon. Dip your forefinger in cold water and then in the syrup. Bring your forefinger to your thumb so that the syrup touches your thumb. Now slowly pull away your forefinger. If you see 2 threads formed, it is the right consistency. Keep the syrup aside.


Take solidified ghee in a large wide bowl. Taking one ice cube at a time.Rub the ghee vigorously. Take more ice cubes as required, till ghee becomes very white.
Add flour, grated paneer, milk, and a cup of water. Mix to make the smooth batter.
Add more water if required. Strain the batter. The batter should be fairly thin (it should run off easily when poured from a spoon).
Take an aluminium or steel cylindrical container (do not use a lid). The height should be at least 12″ and diameter 5-6″. Fill the container half with ghee. Heat it.

Take a ladleful of the batter. Hold the ladle at least 1 foot above the pan. Keep a safe distance from the pan, it splutters. Slowly drizzle the batter to the centre of the hot oil, in a slow and steady thin stream. You will see that the oil will be bubbling away. Once you finish pouring the ladleful of batter, wait till the bubbles die down. Make a hole (at least 1″ diameter) in the centre of frying batter using the skewer. Take another ladleful of batter and continue the process. You need to do this 4-6 times, depending on the thickness you desire.

Once the final layer starts to brown, insert a handle or long fork through the hole and drain the oil. Transfer to a plate. Once all the ghewars are prepared, dip each Ghewar in the sugar syrup for 10-15 seconds and take out keep aside on mesh to drain excess syrup. Transfer to another plate.

Caramelized Fruit

Prepare the fruit: cubes of apple and orange segments

Place a medium-small pan over medium heat and add sugar, let the sugar start melting.

Reduce the heat to medium-low.Add the cut fruits to caramelize

Turn the fruit over, and press it down gently.

Serve the dish by filling the baked yoghurt inside the ghewar topped with bajre crumble and caramelized fruits.

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