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Avantika Singhal

Teen JWB Curator/Blogger

YouTuber Troye Sivan Wears Nail Polish & Nails It!

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  •  September 5, 2016


Gender neutrality in makeup has been around for a long time. But people are realizing it now!

This generation has done nothing but crumble stereotypes in the palms of their hands and let the dust fall over!

One of the many brave celebrities who has tried and been successful in doing the never done is Troye Sivan, a 20 year Youtuber and singer from South Africa.

Troye has openly come out as a gay individual and is a bolstering addition to the LGBT Community. One thing he has done differently is blurred the lines between male and female makeup products.

Troye’s nail polish putting trend has also encouraged more boys to venture out and about after putting coats of paint on your nails.

“You wear something purple to support anti-bullying. And someone had purple nail polish, and I said, “Sure, I’ll paint my nails purple,” and I did the first show. And then I saw tweets and stuff being like, “What color are you gonna do for the second show?” and so then I did white for the second show and I just kind of rolled on from there. And so now I guess it’s a thing. I mean, it’s stressful I don’t know what I’ve gotten myself into ’cause I have to come up with new colors every show.”

Troye goes on to tell that his favorite shade is nail polish is white and that it goes with everything.

A decade ago, people would have spat at men who even dared to go near any makeup product. But fantastic human beings like Troye Sivan are changing the whole definition of labeling makeup according to your gender.

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