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#AidToMaid: Sonal Sawansukha empowers her Maid Vimla Gautam

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  •  March 11, 2015


And we present to you our last story of ‘Aid to Maid’ campaign in association with Jewel Saga. Jewel Saga is a brand by the Jaipur based jewelry designer Sonal Sawansukha who wanted to do something revolutionary this International Women’s Day.

Sonal is a firm believer in ‘empower a woman, empower a house’ philosophy. She herself is a renowned entrepreneur Jaipur has today. She says: “Self-awareness is key to self-improvement. Let us help aware those who haven’t realized their inner potential.”

Though she is the muscle behind ‘Aid to Maid’ campaign, we requested her to also share with the world how she empowers her maid.

JWB – Finally, we’ve caught you, Sonal. We want to know all about the relationship you share with your house-maid.

Sonal: (laughs) Met Vimla Gautam who looks after my baby girl who is 7 months old. Vimla is in her 50s but is very enthusiastic and committed to her work.

JWB – Hello, Vimla. Tell us about you.

Vimla Gautam

Vimla – I work full-time here and look after the little baby. I have recently joined here, but have been living and working in Jaipur for last 23 yrs. I have a married son who works in Hong-Kong. Though, our ancestral home is in Nepal.

JWB – And what about your husband?

Vimla – He remarried when my son was very small.

JWB – Do you have any plans to go back to your home in Nepal?

Vimla – After retirement.

Sonal – My heart pounces when I think of her going back. How will I do without her?

Sonal Sawansukha

JWB – Why?

Sonal – I have never met anyone like Vimla before. As a mother, I am not at all insecure or worried about my baby staying with her. She is an excellent care-taker.

Vimla – I have never done baby-sitting for someone. When I came here, madam told me how she wanted her baby to be cared. I just followed what she was expecting from me.

Sonal – That’s true. On day one, I told her how I want the baby’s management to be handled. And since that day, I never had to repeat those instructions. It is very rare to make a woman of her age understand because they already have their own set of working rules.

JWB – And this is probably the best thing in her.

Sonal – Absolutely.

Vimla – I feel good working here. Each day is joyful and teaches me something.

JWB – What new have you learnt from Sonal madam?

Vimla – Sonal madam keeps telling me about the importance of hygiene. Since Jaipur is in danger of Swine Flu these days, I have made it a point to wash my face, hands and legs after coming from outside. This also becomes very important because I remain close to the baby, who is an easy target of such infections.

Sonal – And this is not just for the baby. It is important for her health. Vimla suffers from severe back pain, and few days back she had terrible cold. We immediately took her for medical checkups, turned out it was a lung infection which was eventually caught by my baby. Only after complete medication, did she become fine.

Vimla – Now I wear mask and use sanitizer whenever I am with baby.

Sonal – I also want to appreciate her for one more thing. While she wasn’t well, even after we forced her to take rest, she didn’t stop working. I think she has become very strong after her personal struggles.

JWB –Vimla, you are a fast learner. Sonal, do you think education plays some part in polishing a person’s character and habits.

Sonal – It does but to a certain level. Vimla, for example, is not at all educated since she has the zest to learn things from masters who are younger to her.

JWB hopes that with this campaign, we have been able to help you with ways in which you can also empower your maid’s life – be it her health, finances, education, relationships, etc. Also, with this campaign we really wish to make a shift in the age-old stern pattern of the Master-Servant.

Sonal’s support in making Vimla understand the importance of hygiene has made Vimla’s life better in some way. Precautions like washing hands before touching the food and baby, wearing a mask while coming in contact with the baby, eating healthy and not stale food, etc was instructed by Sonal to her maid.

Further Sonal pledges: “I ensure to take care of my maid’s health and get routine checkups done for her.”

She wore her washing gloves and held the scrub to signify her vow of cleaning the life of her maid from all misfortunes and empower her. All that while slipping on pretty spring-mood bracelet and ring from her label ‘Jewel Saga’.

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