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Bhawna Wheaton Talks ‘Tangerine’ To Her Son

  • JWB Post
  •  April 17, 2015

Today is the day we’re launching our 1st story of the campaign with Tangerine – the boutique salon of Jaipur. For those who don’t know, the campaign talks about the relationship between a mother and her son, and how the mother is nurturing him so that he doesn’t grow up a sexist.

We invited Bhawna Wheaton and her little kids – Karan (6) and Taara (4) – to Tangerine where the mommy was supposed to enjoy her hair spa. We kept our camera lens focused to catch the kids’ reactions, especially Karan’s, to draw the final results of the campaign.

JWB – Do you take along your kids to beauty parlors?

Bhawna – I am a working mother and only get Sundays to fix my hair or brows. The kids are small, and I can’t leave them behind. Hence, taking them along is the only option.

JWB – How do they react? We guess Taara, being a girl, is more interested in what is being done to your face or hair.

Bhawna – Taara is mischievous. As far as Karan is concerned, he knows that the salon is a 15-mint place to stay at.

JWB – It is going to be fun to see how the boy will react today!

Bhawna – Do you kids know what are we going to do now?

Karan – No. How big is this shampoo!

Bhawna – Do you want to get your hair shampooed?

Karan – No. Taara will get it done.

Taara – Noooo.

JWB – Bhawna, share one parenting tip with us.

Bhawna – I and my husband make sure we talk openly to our kids. We haven’t divided the parenting in a way that only the dad should explain things to the son, etc. We do it together.

Karan knows that hitting his little sister is absolutely wrong, and seeing him even Taara is learning.

Karan – Bubbles!

(Bhawna decided to enjoy a hair spa with Mythic Oil & Shampoo)

JWB – How do you know your parenting is working for Karan?

Bhawna – So the other day, Karan’s school teacher told me he has never bullied the girls in his class even when the other boys were doing so. I am happy that the power of our parenting is stronger than any class or age ritual.

JWB – Wonderful! Talking about rituals, is there any home-ritual you follow with the kids?

Bhawna – When I make breakfasts, I make both of them sit and notice what I am doing. Slowly, but they will learn making quick snacks and won’t be dependent on anyone. At least, Karan will not stay hungry and wait for his wife to cook something for him! (laughs)

(Tangerine’s hair expert applies conditioning crème on Bhawna’s hair strands for deep nourishing)

JWB – Karan and Taara are all over you!

Bhawna – I knew this would happen. I get to spend less time with these kids. Hugging, kissing and leaping on one another are the ways in which they express love.

JWB – We can see that. Taara & Karan, are you enjoying your time here?

(Karan laughs)

Bhawna – Taara is camera-shy. Moreover, she is not even paying us any heed and is busy drawing on the paper.

Karan – Taara…..come here!

Bhawna – We have told Karan that girls aren’t objects; and I am glad he understands what we mean by that. The way he treats his small sister is beyond expectation. They hug each other more often and spend good time playing with each other. They still bathe together – and I don’t find anything wrong with it until they start understanding their bodies. They are too small to feel embarrassed.

Such small gestures and time spent together strengthen the sibling-love.

(Bhawna enjoys some head massage…of course, with Karan trying to figure out more about hair spa)

Bhawna – Do you want some candies?

(It’s time for some steam!)

Karan – I know about steam, I’ve read in my school book.

JWB – Have you? This steam will beautify your mum’s hair even more.

Karan – See Taara, steam coming out of the mumma’s hair!

JWB – Is there any difference in the way boy and girl is being nurtured at your home?

Bhawna – Not till they reach a certain age where their questions will start differing. I don’t treat Karan in a gentler way just because he is the elder one.

(Towel fell down from Bhawna’s shoulders and before the staff could act, Karan immediately picked it up and handed over to the staff member. Maybe, this is what Bhawna was talking about)

Bhawna – Thank you Karan for picking it up.

(Karan smiles)

Karan – Can I go out and play?

Bhawna – Take Taara along.

JWB – The kids learn a major chunk of their life-lesson from their parents. Saying thank you and other such habits come naturally to them with a good parenting.

Bhawna – Inspite of having help at home, I never let them pick up my plate from the dining table. I don’t tell Taara and Karan to follow the same, but I am sure, seeing me doing it every time will definitely bring a change in their habit and decide how they’ll treat house-help in future.

(Time for final head wash)

JWB – Wow, look at the three of you.Bhawna – Aah, its normal.

Karan – Will you get the bubbles on your head again?

(In the end, Bhawna enjoyed the hair blow-dry with her kids on the lap)(This Jaipur mom is not at all bothered with her kids’ naughtiness. Probably this nature makes her a friendly-mom)(Look at Bhawna’s final look after Tagerine’s amazing hair spa)

Photographer – Shashank K Tyagi

PS – Kudos to the patient and sincere staff at Tangerine who didn’t let anything deter their work quality.

Hey dear moms, don’t be afraid to take your kids (especially the son) to beauty salons. Accompanying you will teach him something about the importance of woman’s beauty and how important it is for a woman to enjoy some self-time. Tangerine has a lot of space for your kid to roam around and enjoy his/her time there while you cherish its beauty services and peaceful ambiance. Fix your appointment at today, call at 0141- 222 3744.

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