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Ayushi Agarwal

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Saajan Chale Sasural: Congratulations To The Winning Super-Husband!

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  •  February 15, 2016


Love is in the air? Hell yeah!

Valentine’s week has, sadly, reached it inevitable end and we’re missing it! Valentine’s week is special, not because of the expensive chocolates and gifts, but because it gives a chance to mend fences and rekindle the forgotten love.

Keeping this in mind, Jaipur Women Blog collaborated with Jewels Of Jaipur to launch a campaign-cum-competition called “Saajan Chale Sasural”, where the notion ‘Love is equality’ was aggressively sought after.

The competition started out with a tiny, yet herculean task of adding the wives’ name to their own name on Facebook. The second task required the brave-hearts to cook for their in-laws, at their in-laws’ place. And finally, for the third task, the husbands had to record a video for their Valentine.

The husband with the best video would be declared as the winner, who shall walk away with a prestigious Diamond ring from Jewels Of Jaipur.

Circling back to the third task now, which went SPECTACULARLY well! The level of commitment shown by our two finalists Arpit and Sonal deserves a standing round of ovation. Both the videos tugged at my heart-strings and made everyone go berserk!

Mr. Arpit Kanika Khandelwal’s video starts off in total Bollywood-style, where he is seen descending from the stairs and proceeding towards the garden to take his vows.  He starts off by recalling one of his wife’s childhood experiences, where he applauds her honesty and vows to be more like her.

Total “aw” moment, right?

We loved how his video was funny and heart-warming at the same time.  He concludes the video by singing and playing a song for her on his guitar, proving that he is one hell of a husband.

Thank you Jewels Of Jaipur JOJ, Jaipur Women Blog , #SaajanChaleSasural for giving me the opportunity to show my love &…

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Kanika, you’re surely one lucky ducky!

On the other hand, Mr. Sonal Khushboo Jain’s video starts off in front of the mirror, where he is seen fidgeting with his hair. He knows that his wife hates that! Ha-ha!

We were overjoyed when he thanked his wife for all her love and care, and especially for their beautiful baby girl! That adorable baby made my heart melt, btw.

Like a pro, he fixes his daughter’s headband, and together they sing a song for Khushboo. He proves that he is an amazing husband, but an even better father.

Hi Khushboo Jain so here comes the video for you … and found this extract of poem i wrote for you … “Sometimes she…

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Khushboo, a LOT of girls are turning green with envy right now, we’re sure.

Now, came the moment we’ve been dreading for the past two weeks: Selecting a winner.

Both the videos were equally delightful and magical, in all aspects. The videos were full of pure, raw, untainted love and that’s what matters to us. You’ve already won your wives’ hearts, and in their eyes, you’ve already won the “husband of the year” trophy.

But, alas, we’re forced to pick only ONE super-husband as the ultimate winner.

Our heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Arpit Janika Khandelwal ! Kudos to all your efforts.

Apart from winning hearts, you’ve won a precious Diamond ring from Jewels Of Jaipur.

And Sonal, we loved your entry so much that Jewels Of Jaipur has decided to present you with a beautiful, hand-picked piece of jewelry.

Watch this space for more updates!

Good work, everyone.

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