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Cervical Cancer Awareness: Gift your Vagina a Valentine Card!

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  •  February 14, 2015


Valentine’s Day is almost over. Just few more moments of silly-but-so-treasured cards, chocolates and balloons… and we all will move into the eternity of happy but slow relationships till the next V-day when love gets awaken with new balloons’ blast! However, JWB is not going to let go the V of the festivities.

V is for your delicate vagina. V is for Valentine cards that will help you to spread awareness of the life-threatening woman’s disease – the Cervical cancer. Have you already learned the basics of precautions and importance of the PAP-test from our previous article?

Now with the creative Valentine cards designed by Arena Animation share victorious triumph of the V-letter with your girlfriends and ask them to do the PAP Test.

Here V-es parade!

Quirky V

Romantic V

Girly-Curly V 

Paintley V

Aristocratic V

Deco V

Which V, designed by Arena Animation, is your symbol of victory over the Cervical Cancer? Tell us in the comments. The most loved card will be printed and shared with girls from Jaipur Colleges to create awareness of the PAP test!

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