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Himanshu Roy

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Dear Parents & Teachers, Please Watch This Hindi Sex Education Video

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  •  February 8, 2016


Why does a woman have a vagina?

Why does a man have a penis?

These are questions that even today can make people scandalized and shocked even when the person who is asking them is an adolescent child on the brink of puberty, curious about the human body.

It’s a pity that in our country the word sex education is synonymous with either hush-hush attitude or science books, and instead of explaining kids about the reproductive process makes them even more confused, courtesy scientific terms that are a mouthful and a teacher who is too embarrassed to discuss sex with pre-teen children.

But wait till you see this excellent video created by the Agents of Ishq that addresses the tabooed attitude towards sex education in a hilarious and innovative way.

Titled Main aur Meri Body, the video has some 5-6 young boys and girls who speak about the reproductive process and human body in tapori accent, leaving people sometimes in splits or at times attentive.

Both entertaining and informative at the same time, the video shows that what we can do when it comes to imparting sex education and how children themselves can contribute to it.

So, through the video, we learn about chromosomes and how they determine the gender of a baby. The kids tell us about menstruation, ejaculation and other bodily functions and it seems that they too are really happy doing the job that not many in our society will do without being embarrassed.

Be it the awesome interactive way in which the kids tell us about sex education or the funny impromptu songs that they sing, the video is undoubtedly a visual treat for people of all ages and especially those who feel that there is a need to ensure that sex education is given to every child in our country.

Superbly made by the creators of Main aur Meri Body, along with entertainment, the kids also enact the roles of different hormones such as testosterone and estrogen and look utterly adorable and funny in their various antiques.

Just imagine what such an initiative is capable of doing if instead of being only limited to books, sex education is taught in such a practical way. This is surely a leap for the Indian society and a sigh that we can brush all our inhibitions about sex completely aside.

Kudos to the people who made this possible!

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