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Diary 3: Lehar of a City

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  •  July 29, 2014

Shweta Singh, a beautiful heroine of Lehar Campaign, continues wondering relationships with herself while creating waves of all the new feelings, all the new connections, all the new adventures. Her next diary is as much insightful as her first one. And Shweta’s look, created in the inspired association with , all women store at Raja Park, and Style’n’ Scissors Salon, is all the refreshing waves of lehariya and curls. Read on!

Day two of my journey onto the path of small changes took me outdoors ! O yeah Outdoors !! Amazed !?

Yeah, me too ! After all, outdoors needs planning , office leaves , multiple phone calls & scheduling with people accompanying & budget……and a lot of surfing on the net for the best of deals aaarrgghhh!! & I did it in one day!

Well, I was not going to wait for those – oh, so revered leaves & long weekends (of my hubby, especially ) and making elaborate plans of a long distance travel, at least not this time! Far-away vacations are fulfilling, but one has to wait for it endlessly & reimburse yourself with indoors in front of a tv set ! Naahhhh!!

Instead I decided to be a tourist with a different twist – and that is in my own city! With weather supporting my tryst, with a chiffon wind-flying lehariya tunic by Femina Lifestyle and the energetic hair-do by Style’n’Scissors, it proved to be fantastic. I went to a few places – explored & realized that while being in the same city, we live in the complete ignorance. We are not noticing the places for which people come from far-away.

I went to Vijay Smarak & sat on the stairs. I inhaled the fresh air, looked at school children wandering around & making notes for a project , spoke with a few strangers who were in the city as tourists & loved the Moment! Yes, I was able to feel the moment itself! It was a refreshing experience …

Outdoors  can do wonders to our physical & mental health & gives us much needed burst of energy to go back & engage in our daily routines with a renewed zing.

“Exciting and fulfilling as our lives may be, most of us are cut off from our natural surroundings. We live in temperature-controlled houses, drive automobiles on asphalt highways… we listen to a barrage of unnatural sounds, we live by the clock. We have lost our connection with the own self.”

I have connected with my own self & felt healed & refreshed & absolutely wowed! How silly it is to keep the race, even if the heart woes for the break! Do have the courage to stop and look around to notice the new – the new self! Break the routine & leave the sanctuary of your apartments & cozy relationships with your tv sets! I did – and it’s happened to be amazing!

Good Night, the ‘Wiser Me’!

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