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Diary 4: Lehar of Will

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  •  July 30, 2014


The 7 day long ‘Lehar’ campaign has reached its 4th day, and Ms. Shweta is looking beautiful than ever. , all women store at Raja Park, keeps stirring our hearts with its designer couture, and Style’n’Scissors – rippling the routine with creative makeup and hair. We love! So, here is Shweta’s Day-4 dairy that she wrote last night. Go on…

Oh, it’s quite late tonight that I am writing this dairy. I got late because I went gaga telling about today’s look & small achievements to my husband. In the end, they are little things that really matter.

Day 4 of this journey has bought yet another small change in me. Will of conquering one of my fears. I am not talking about huge things here like deep sea diving or rainforest hiking,  but something that used to always hold me back and make me postpone things in my life. Not anymore!

It is the fear of driving. Like most women, I am scared of driving. I feel I can easily bump into the vehicle right in front of me. You might laugh – but boy, this fear has a grave impact in my life. I have done sea walking, diving, snorkeling, etc. – and when I say I cannot drive, people get amused.

Hence, I have put it into my ‘To be achieved’ list for a long time. After 3 months of driving school & a few friends lending their time, I started driving slowly but steadily. Today I have driven kilometers all alone, while my favorite old Hollywood songs were on the loop. Yes, I definitely need the ample of practice and confidence to be an expert – but… come-on, this is a BIG step!

Aristotle said, “Courage is one of the first human virtues which makes all other things possible.” Therefore, acknowledge your fear, manage the stress, practice & conquer! Believe me, I feel great!

And, yes! Femina’s green lehariya saree is just what I needed to wear on a green rainy day. The hair were neatly tied up in a bun by Style’n’ Scissors. The perfect look-inspiration to conquer the routine in my life with a Lehar of Will!

Goodnight ‘the Strong-Me’!

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