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Diary 5: Lehar of Learning

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  •  August 1, 2014


We can’t believe 5 days are already over! The ‘Lehar’ campaign is really doing its job well….spreading the wave of freshness in the hearts of our readers.

So here is the Day 5 Diary of our heroine Shweta Singh. Our fashion partner, (an all-women store at Raja Park) gave Shweta this partywear anarkali in red hot color. And our beauty partner, the much loved salon by Jaipurites – Style n Scissors, has done her hair and makeup.

I am happy I did the day 5 successfully. But at the same time, I think I am going to miss the campaign after 2 days.

Today was all about incorporating a change in my daily monotonous routine by adding something new to it. It was about making good use of my time & adding a skill to my arsenal – however, small. I immediately realized that learning something new keeps me revived and actually exercises the grey cells which go dormant due to boredom.

I remember finding & circling a new word in newspaper every day & configuring its meaning from dictionary when I was a kid. That, however, was suggested by my dad but I believe that small habit and urge to learn something new daily gave me a great edge in my career which revolved around my language skills. Taking a cue from that memory, I decided to start something on the same line.

So today when I looked around for inspiration, there were so many ideas which hit me. And I opted for a very simple – I determined to learn the Kerala dish ‘Fish Moli’. I quickly went to my dear neighbor Mrs. Paul and asked her to give me its recipe. The kind lady spared her time and taught me how to make it. Wooho! Finally, I could treat my foodie hubby, who is fond of fish, with this dish.

How good it would be if I learn one dish each week! I will be ready to go and participate in Masterchef…haha. Maybe, with this determination I will learn, finally, how to use VOD on my TV properly. Poor hubby has to work it out everytime. This way I will surprise him J

They say – ‘Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its origin dimensions.’ How true.


So my lesson of the day is to stretch the dimensions. Learn. Add to your life. Get a good habit. And, feel the difference!

Yes, and few words to say about my look of the day!  Though I spent the whole day in the kitchen trying to make this dish, I saved my little energy to dress up well for the night. It’s a woman-thing, you know, no matter how much she is tired, she will always find energy of a superwoman to dress up! Wink!

Femina – thank you for sending the Anarkali in my favorite color. Compliments by my husband are the highest fashion mark. Style n Scissors, thank you for injecting confidence in me. I was a little worried carrying the curls with straightened locks. But you did an amazing job!

‘Learning Ever’ Me


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