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Diary of the PriceLess Togetherness: Mr. Amit & Mrs. Pooja Garg

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  •  October 13, 2014


In association with , we were celebrating ‘PriceLess’ moments of togetherness this Karwa Chauth. We were busy exploring the collection of precious trinkets that our life is full of. And you know what we have discovered that happiness can be found in little things, and not every such happiness costs fortune. True that.

We have chosen Mr. Amit and Mrs. Pooja Garg for a togetherness challenge. gave them Rs. 10,000 for a day to be spent on those little tasks that make them happy. Two of them were set to spend just Rs. 2000 per activity, enjoying the little happiness in different tasks they had planned. Read below the personal diary of Pooja telling how Nayaab idea to bring trinket happiness has revived her life after many years of marriage.

11:45 pm

A day well spent with your dearest one is always cherished. The day I fell in love with Amit and today, fit this list perfectly. Having a love marriage, the quality time spent with him always seems less. Oh, these busy schedules. But today was our lucky day, as if the cupid had hit us one more time.

Participating in ‘PriceLess’ campaign by Jaipur Women Blog & Nayaab Jewels towards Karwa Chauth was probably the best thing I did last week and getting selected in it was rather surprising and fortunate. The campaign required Amit and me to spend a whole day together doing those little things that are priceless and recreate love between us. Just the two of us. No one else.

Last night we made a list of things we have always wanted to do together but couldn’t because of time and responsibility constraints. We listed 5 such activities and began with getting our portrait done from a Jaipur based artist.

Mr. Naval Singh is a humble caricature artist who did wonders with our portrait.

I cannot forget the moments we both were sitting patiently while it was being drawn. Sometimes we were holding hands or gazing each other quietly. I was totally missing our dating period that time.


Amit is so impatient but I am surprised to see him sit all through the session without any hassle. He said – “This happens once in a lifetime.” I cannot even explain how much I like it. I have put it in our bedroom.


Next we decided to go to Ms. Nirmala, a Jaipur based Tarot-card reader, whom we both were longing to meet.









I was excited but Amit was super eager to know his future.

Nirmala just began telling about me and just 5 mints later Amit jumped in and said – “When will I get the chance?” At that, Nirmala laughed and said – “First let your lady get her fortune known.

” Ah, Amit and his impatience. At tarot reading, we both learnt that whatever we believe in happens.  

Our third destination was rather surprising for the Nayaab Jewels team. I decided to get a tattoo done with the initials of Amit’s full name. It was a sudden decision.

Though, Amit was scared as he is a bit sensitive in such issues, I was determined. Getting a tattoo is one of the ways for me to express my love. Juhi, the tattoo artist, wrote the word ‘Angel’ with A & G highlighted – Amit Garg. Oh, how I love it!


While writing this diary, I am staring at my new tattoo, and this hand is held by Amit who is deep asleep next to me. Before sleeping he asked me if it pains, I lied that it doesn’t. Haha.

And when Juhi asked him if he wanted one, he said – “See, I have her name written in my heart & its reflection can be seen in my eyes.” The Filmy Amit.

While Juhi was making it, I noticed Amit’s face. His twisted eyebrows forming wrinkles on his forehead showed how much he was worrying about the pain I might have grown through. Though, I consider this pain is like a drop in the ocean.

It felt like this day had just started but we were already close to our 4th task we had planned. Amit and I have always shared one common passion – reading.

And spending a quality day together had to involve reading and exploring new books. Whenever we find time on Sundays, we come here. But today was special as he promised to read poems and his favorite passages from romantic novels. He just read me a line or two for me but that bought tears in my eyes. Maybe, because that has never happened before. 

Browsing through the books, I picked up Malala’s biography as he loved reading biographies. We shared our intellect on how this 17 yrs old has fought the system for her right to education. She is brave. Amit said, we should give our daughter same values and put courage  in her since small age. I agree.

So, when I decided to pick cartoon character Noddy’s movies for her, he said – “Rather buy animated movies which give a lesson on standalone spirit like Tinker Bell, Frozen, Brave, Bug’s Life.”

The final activity or should I say the icing on the cake was the candle light dinner. It was a quite place that soothes your nerves after any hectic day.

And when the delicious food is accompanied by your priceless soul mate, the time automatically becomes Nayaab. The cool breeze with soft music in the background added the romance as we both held hands.


Sitting there made me miss those 4 yrs we had spent in Dehradun after our wedding till we shifted to Jaipur where our little princess was born. Amit pointed out that this is the 1st time after our daughter’s birth that we both have come for dinner without anyone. We promised one another for more such lovable and refreshing dates in the future.

My words are less to thank Nayaab Jewels who always comes up with innovative and unique ideas to rejuvenate togetherness in relationships; and of course Jaipur Women Blog which is doing a tremendous job in beautifying the lives of city’s women. There was no way you could miss the day of Karwa Chauth to spread magic.

I am off to bed now. Too excited to read our story on I feel beautiful.

P.S. One more moment I’m looking forward to… It is to visit Nayaab Jewels showroom for a little trinket of happy togetherness.

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