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Femina Lifestyle Classroom: Anatomy

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  •  September 6, 2014

Welcome to the third class of the campaign ‘Femina Lifestyles Classroom’. This class is of Anatomy that was taken by a girl student of the Palace School. If she was the  teacher, who were the students? We had 15 female teachers from the school who were set for this class.

Inspired by women clothing brand, this campaign was to make teachers learn from the younger generation of girls – the future women of Jaipur – and help them bring back the youthful challenging spirit and confidence.

Caution – don’t think these 15 students (the real life teachers) will be all sweet in the class. Before they raised hands in the class, they were caught discussing issues of uniforms and what new subject school must introduce.

“How cool it would be to wear short skirts all over again with socks rolled down!”

“Ah! The school now should think over introducing modeling as one of the compulsory subjects. Women will love it!”

Let us see what happened during the Anatomy class:

Ayushi (our little teacher) – Hello, everyone!

Chorus – Good morning mam!

Student 1 – It was a long day! We had 2 classes. My back is already paining.

Ayushi – I will try my best to make the Anatomy class interesting and promise that there would be no pain in any muscle after the class. So tell me, how do you describe your body to others?

Ayushi – Students who answered fat, ugly and needs improvement, please stand up. Why do you think you are not beautiful? Do you know, whatever we think of us, gets reflected in the environment. If you think you are not beautiful, people too will say ‘You are looking dull’. Do you want that?

Ayushi – You don’t have to compare yourself with anyone. You are unique! I have an activity for you. See these measuring tapes. Unlike other tapes that measure your waist and bust in inches and make you freak out, these measuring tapes will measure you in some other units. You have to fill the chart of your body measures using this tape.

The measuring tape has every inch covered with words like love, dreams, education, status, responsibility, will power, forgiveness, vision, etc. The 15 students then quickly grabztapes and started measuring their shoulder, sleeves, waist, bust, legs, etc. and filled their respective charts provided by Femina Lifestyle.


Ayushi – Who is not shy to share her measurements with the class?

Everyone giggled and one by one shared their measurements.

Bust – Love

Waist – Passion

Sleeves – Humanity

Skirt – Money

Student 8 – Your skirt is just till ‘Money’? This short? No doubt, your waist measures ‘passion’. Haha.

Ayushi – Do you believe that these are your sizes?

Ayushi – See, if you have got ‘love’ for waist that means you have that much love with you to share with others. If your broad shoulders say ‘Ambition’, that defines your big dreams and your striving nature. And if your skirt length is ‘responsibility, that means you are capable of handling that much!

Ayushi – Have you seen young teenage girls slightly on the heavy side of weight? They look so much in love with themselves. They give a damn about the world’s perception and wear and eat whatever they want to. No, I am not saying eat unhealthy and become obese. But, at least praise your body

the way it is.

In chorus – Yes, we will. Thank you!

From the Anatomy class, we learn that your weight and extra fat cannot stop you. It cannot define the love and passion inside you. It doesn’t matter what size you are, you are still full of strength, spirituality, will power, wisdom…

Overheard – I want one more class of it!!!!

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