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Femina Lifestyle Classroom: Literature

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  •  September 6, 2014

This is the last class of our ‘Femina Lifestyle Class’room’ campaign that we ran in association all-women clothing brand and the Palace school, Jaipur. We selected 5 girl students from the school and made them teach 5 different subjects. The curriculum of each subject was unique and filled with lessons on womanhood.

The idea was to make teachers learn from the younger generation of girls – the future women of Jaipur – and help them bring back the youthful challenging spirit and confidence found in a young girl of this generation.

The last class was Literature Class. This class also had a contest for every student. What is it, check yourself:

Suchitra M’am (our little teacher) – We are studying Literature today. And let me start by asking you, who is your favorite character from the literature world?

Student 1 – Shakespeare characters

Student 2 – Cleopatra

Student 3 – Women from the Victorian era. They struggled a lot.

Suchitra M’am – So, why Cleopatra?

Student 2 – I am impressed with her beauty and wise attitude. She knew her powers well and how to control men with them. Commendable.

Suchitra M’am – It is good to be inspired by a character in your life but it is crucial to write your own unique story! The activity of this class is to become the Writer of your life and take yourself as the protagonist. Now write the unique story about yourself.

Student 4 – Wow, that’s interesting. I am the heroine of this story!

Suchitra M’am – Yes. And this is not all. Among the 15 stories, we will select 2 best stories. One that will be published on Jaipur Women Blog’s website and another that will be chosen by your friends on Facebook. This will be decided by the number of likes each story will get. So get set go, and pen down your vivacious story to inspire the world. To add to this joy, the winners will get surprise gift from Femina Lifestyle!! Isn’t that exciting and encouraging?


Each student (our 15 brilliant teachers) started writing their stories, taking the self as the main heroine. We have read each story and each of them is heart touching. Finding one best is not justice, but still as we promised, we will be announcing that story who will win Femina’s gift hamper.

To end the session, Femina honored each teacher and student with shopping cash vouchers and designer stoles to keep them warm this winter! Yes, all of them loved their gifts.

Stay tuned for more fun related to Teacher’s Day! xoxo

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