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Here’s How Chennai Girl Yashika Convinced JWB To Try Menstrual Cups

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  •  May 19, 2016


Uh oh, it’s that time of the month. Let the same routine begin. Grab ‘em sanitary pads,  let’s bleed and get that detergent which gets off extra-stringent stains. Ugh. That’s what most period days look like. Isn’t it?

No matter how much the pads promise, the irritation, and the constant fear of staining have continued to exist for years.

This super girl is travelling India to make things easier for you. Based in Chennai, Yashika Khater, her mother and grandmother, joined hands to create India’s first foldable menstrual cup. Now before you freak out and completely dismiss it as a safe alternative for sanitary napkins, read how she convinced us to get menstrual cups for ourselves.

I’m confused about how to use it.

The first time you use the cup, boil it in water for 2-5 minutes to sterilize it. You can repeat this step after every cycle. Fold the bell part as a cylinder and shove it inside, since it is made of silicon, the cup will naturally adjust inside, and the blood flow will be in direct contact with the cup.

Our bodies are designed so that whenever we insert foreign particle inside them, it comes out automatically. The human body adjusts to silicon. You can find it in lenses, and even heart stents. Vijay cup is 100% medical-grade silicon and FDA approved.

After you think that you need to throw the blood, get the cup out and flush the liquid. You can wash the cup with water or with a mild disinfectant and then reinsert it.

Why do you call it ‘Vijay’ cup?

Vijay means ‘to win’, and at the same time, it is the name of my grandmother. Since the cup was her idea, we decided to dedicate it to her. Vijay cup is a foldable menstrual cup. It is bell shaped, and collects the fluid at its source.

Do you think the rural India is prepared for it?

Surprisingly, yes. They are more prepared than I expected the urban to be. The rural women in ghagras and cholis love the concept and after our constant awareness-visits to them, more and more women are coming forward to accept this change.

What if the fluid leaks?

The Vijay cup has the capacity to hold 30ml liquid which is more than the average highest flow of an entire day. However, if you wish, you can pull it out after a few hours and empty it.

But when you insert it, doesn’t it hurt?

The first time you insert the cup inside, you might feel a little weird, but in no time, that will be gone. It is not uncomfortable, neither does it hurt. I assure you, after a point of time you won’t even realize that you’re wearing one!

But it’s eeky; I’m not sure…

Well, change cannot be accepted in a jiffy. People are changing now, and they do want something better. Don’t you? They want better options. Most of them continue to use pads because there’s not much awareness about menstrual cups. The Vijay cup has been out in the market for only two months, and the response is amazing, already. Are you sure you don’t want to embrace this 100% safe and beautiful change?

But my hymen will break if i insert a menstrual cup inside my vagina! Will I lose my virginity?

The answer is a big NO! Most girls’ hymens are perhaps already broken due to the kind of exercise they perform nowadays. The Vijay cup will do no harm to your virginity.

But Pads are fine, Give me one good reason to switch from pads to Vijay cup

I’ll give you five. You can carry a menstrual cup in your pocket, that’s how small it is!

Pads 0, Vijay cup 1

The Vijay cup environment-friendly, it can be used for up to 10 years (if not more!).

Pads 0, Vijay cup 2

The Vijay cup doesn’t have to be changed as frequently as a sanitary napkin. It lets your skin breathe, unlike most pads that block air.

Pads 0, Vijay cup 3

Vijay cup is cost effective. It is priced at Rs. 999, and you can use it for ten years, I repeat! Where on the other hand, pads have a monthly expense of minimum Rs. 100 that makes it a lot of money. 

Pads 0, Vijay cup 4

Let’s face it; sanitary pads are environmentally threatening. Did you know that most of the sewage problems occur due to blockage of sanitary pads in drains? Sanitary pads combine a large part of the dumping grounds of the world.

Pads 0, Vijay cup 5

“Victory”, indeed!

Bonus: You can swim, sleep, dance, work out, without worrying.

Okay, so where do I get it from?

Right now, it’s available through Diamond Trend, which is based in Chennai. We are not selling it online. Though, you can contact us at 044-43233999 and order your menstrual cup. We have distributors all across India so that it will reach you within a few days.

Let’s be serious guys, we need to do this. For us, and the environment.

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