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Here’s What Happened When Team JWB Became Ballet Dancers In The Pool!

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  •  June 21, 2016


Summer vacations are the best time in every kid’s life. Heck, I think it’s especially the best thing about a JWB Blogger’s life. You wanna know why? We did mountaineering, rode horses, kick boxed to fight the goons, crafted dream-catchers, and more.

This weekend, we got to explore a new art called Water ballet! No, that doesn’t mean flapping your arms and legs in the water. Here, we were to learn the sophisticated dance form, just inside the water.

The JWB paltan carried their swimming costumes (floral motifs and low backs are always welcome), and shower caps (Who am I kidding? It was only me) to the Jaipur Club Swimming Pool. Our Lady Boss is nuts about the dance-form and swears that after work, she secretly plays some Ballet music, and dances all alone around in her home (along with her two cats who stare at her amusingly).

Lavanya and I don’t know how to swim. However, I could do a little back floating, and it was a good day to boast about some incomplete skills. Funnily, Lavanya was a wee bit jittery. More on that soon.

Our Teacher of the day, Adittee Somani, instructed us into the pool. Excited to dance in the water like Flamingos, we did that in a jiffy. Shall I tell you a little secret? I have two left feet. Yeah, I suck when it comes to dancing. Luckily for me, they wouldn’t have been visible under the blue waters. Tehehe.

We took our positions…NOT. So when Adittee was trying to organize us, all were we doing was laughing and splashing water on one another. Worst students ever? 

While some of us were paying attention, like Sakshi and I, Lavanya and Ana were in their own zone. Lavanya was scared that she’d drown in a 5-ft. deep pool (duh!), so she limited herself to the perimeter of the pool, sliding ahead holding the pipe. On the other hand, Ana started showing off her ballet skills to us. Yeah, she was better than all of us, I guess you can pull a woman out of Russia, but not Russia out of her!

As guided by Adittee, we tried to balance our body weights on toes. This way, we fulfilled the first requirement of being a Ballet Dancer. Check. Of course, there were times when few of us (Ahem, Lavanya and I) fell down.

It took us some time to get the hang of the positions she was trying to teach us, but we eventually got it! Oh, yeah!

The water was cool and wonderful. And did I mention, BLUE? I’m not a swimmer, as I told you, but I know how to float + back float. Yeah, I’ll boast about it. Every time Adittee looked away, Sakshi gave me some swimming tips, and like naughty students, we were getting distracted. Honestly, that’s how I was in school, too.

Adittee made us feel like beautiful, sophisticated, sexy dancers! Sexy, sexy, sexy, mujhe log bole, hi sexy, hello sexy kyun bolein?

She finally managed to get us all to stand in a line, while Lavanya stuck to her pipe. We measured the breadth of the pool with a few steps Adittee was teaching us.

When I measured the maximum distance with my dancing, I proudly grinned, “I did it the best and before everyone else, Adittee. Did you watch, Adittee? Watched it, didn’t you?”

She smiled at me and didn’t want to be rude. I sucked with my two left feet, remember?

MAJOR REVELATION: Sakshi had already taken Adittee’s classes and confessed that she was her worst student. No wonder, she was trying to be so obedient, there. Isn’t it, Sakshi?

After we got a hang of the steps, Adittee played the music, and we made our muscles move. It was tough because the water pressure was restricting us from moving our legs. Our speed was way slower than the music. We were sure we’d get there with time.

We were slowly getting synchronized; the music was doing the magic for us.

The music got a little faster, and Lovy thought that it would be a good idea to start doing some Bhangra. And if the Blogger-in-chief does something, who are we to question?

Sanchit was busy taking his clicks. The thing about Sanchit is that he’s an awesome photographer. His concentration is always fixed on capturing the perfect angles. And that’s how THIS happened.

He was walking backwards to fit all of us in one frame, and suddenly he slipped into the children’s pool. His first defence was to save his camera, which he successfully did!

Sadly, Sanchit has forbidden us from uploading his picture. But, we’re not lying, no sir!

Ana’s warm up had finished, and she pushed herself out of the water. It was time to do some non-water ballet. She joined Adittee, and we were mind-blown. Ana knew some crazy-ass moves.

After the class had ended, we got a good twenty-minutes to splash around in the water and float like there’s no tomorrow. Sakshi knew some good strokes. But then, suddenly, Lavanya interrupted our leisure time:

When will I be able to to swim?”

When you’re not afraid of the water, Lovy!” Sakshi, the INTERN, said.

Ah, these new interns, I tell you!

Does that sound interesting to you? Well, lucky for you, Adittee Somani’s classes started on June 18th. Contact her at +918290777585 and experience the fun of Water Ballet we did.
PS: Don’t go if you pee in the pool. Kthxbye.




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