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    This Photo App Can Turn Your Pictures Into Van Gogh & Picasso Masterpieces

    Have you ever toyed with the idea of being captured in the canvas? Maybe just an errant thought that occurred to you as you stood inside the Louvre, marveling at the artistic masterpieces all around y...

    Women & World
    It Took The World 100 Years To Give Her The Due Credit For A Path Breaking Discovery

    Ever wondered that why most of the scientific discoveries have been made by men? Here’s a hint. It has nothing to do with women not being as smart as men and has everything to do with female sci...

    Social issues
    This Woman Donates Capes To Homeless Children To Make Them Little Superheroes

    What could be better than feeling like a superhero? Be it Gotham’s caped crusader Batman, or Clark Kent, there’s very few of us who didn’t get swayed away by the charisma of superheroes. Back...

    After Seeing What This New Dating App Does, Your Jaw Will Drop

    If you are searching for the ideal 21st century dating app, then look no further as Happn is here to the rescue. I know, you might be wondering what could be new about another one in the long line of ...

    Indian Women
    Maneka Gandhi Sets Up Cyber Cell To Rein In Trolls Who Harass Women

    Remember when we told you about how union minister Maneka Gandhi had waged a battle against online trolls who harass women? Just a few days after making the announcement, the action will be taken agai...

    Expect Online Jewellery Business To Grow Manifold In Next Few Years

    If you are into the online jewellery business, then here’s some good news for you. Apparently, the market is expected to hit an estimated value of 3.6 billion dollars in the next three years. The...

    This Indian Gymnast Is All Pumped Up To Cartwheel Her Way To Rio Olympics

    When was the last time that India won a gymnastics medal in the Olympics? You don’t need to think a lot as such an instance never came in the way of our country. But now, at Rio 2016 we might manage...

    Social issues
    Maneka Gandhi's Appeal To Protect Women From Online Trolling, Not Well-received

    The National Commission for Women is not too happy with Maneka Gandhi. Why? Because she said that there should be a system in place to protect women from online trolling. Apparently, when Gandhi, w...

    Women’s Rights
    Good News! Women Will Be Allowed To Offer Namaz In Lucknow Today

    Eid Mubarak to all! And on this pious occasion, here’s some good news for women and the cause of gender equality. For the first time, special arrangements have been made for women at Lucknow’s fam...

    Social issues
    This Khap Panchayat’s Solution For Curbing Sexual Violence Is Cringeworthy

    A Khap Panchayat in Uttar Pradesh has the best way to curb sexual exploitation in the society. Their solution? Ban mobile phones for all girls who are below 18 years! You might be thinking that how...

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  • Indian Women
    Tarishi Jain’s Last FB Post Makes Us Think Of The Future That’ll Never Be