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Priya Motiani

JWB Blogger

JWB Gives An Interesting Twist To The ‘Toilet Lady’!

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  •  March 8, 2016


Have you met the toilet lady? Oh, and we are not signaling towards our new found labradorable Poppy, who has christened every tile of the room with her pee.

We are talking about the statued stick woman resting eternally on the female toilet doors at every public place. Does that ring a bell?

I wonder how no one has ever wondered about how that cliché female figure standing on a pair of stick legs, wearing a frock-like dress, represents the entire diverse womankind! Like that’s even possible?

So, to tread on this less beaten path, we took the liberty of tweaking and trimming the boring old “toilet lady” and metamorphosed her into a modern chic, who lives life her own way.

These new avatars represent the power and eccentricity of the modern Indian woman. Funny thing is, who other than our LadyBoss would have thought that empowerment could be found at places as odd as the toilets!

Intrigued much? Order them for yourself or for your office by writing to us at .

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