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Priya Motiani

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JWB Looks For Chairs In Your Company For These Disabled Youngsters!

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  •  December 4, 2015


The First Chair represents a leader. Does having a disability deny someone of being a leader? Most of the people might say yes, but we would like to think differently. In lieu of World Disability Day (3rd December), we want to believe in the power of the disabled. And we wish to make them realize their power and their strengths by finding them their rightful chair.

In pursuit of this mission, we marched to Prayas – an inclusive school for people with disabilities. And the affection and endearment that the students there bestowed upon us furthered our determination.

Because the very name of the campaign involves ‘chairs’, we decided to play around and create some fun with them. So, while I was rummaging around the bright and colorful chairs, a certain boy came up to me and said in a sweet and stuttering tone, “Hello Ma’am, mera naam Amit hai. Mera  birthday aane wala hai! 9 days aur. Aapka naam kya hai?”

Amit Lalwani. He suffers from borderline Mental Retardation.

Surprised, I answered, “Priya”. What I saw the next minute was him fetching a miniature diary from his pocket and scribbling something in it. When I asked him what he was up to, he displayed the diary and there it was… my name written in it, and probably in his memory. How sweet, I mused!

Next, walked in seven more kids like him accompanied by their teachers! And I so wish I could’ve taken you all back in time to show how their faces lit up like a Christmas tree!

Left to right: Sumera, Rehnuma, Varsha, Junaid, Bilal, Amit, Faizal, Manish, and the empty chair. In this picture is only a frugal number of disabled people. The empty chair in the end represents all such beings in our county, or in the world at large, who are struggling to get their chair, their identity.

The above picture reflects the actual condition of the disabled. Even though here they are merely an inch away from the ‘chairs’, in reality, they have a plethora of hurdles and miles to cross.

So, how will they make it? How will they reach their rightful ‘chairs’ with their disabilities that have tagged along and never left them since birth?

Here’s how.

When they join hands, they form a circle of empowerment with each one supporting each one. Do you know what happens when such a circle is created? Ripples of an ever-increasing radius emanate. Ripples of joy. Ripples of team-spirit. Ripples of productivity. Ripples of humanity.

But, instead of seeing this-ability, all that the hirers and firers see is disability. They turn their backs on them and force them to wander in a world without hope and light.


Imagine what would happen if they did just the opposite? If, instead of shunning them, the employers welcomed them?

Can you see the ripple of happiness already forming? It is touching everyone – the employer, the employee, and all the other ‘disabled’, umm nope, ‘this-abled’ ones.

Overwhelmed? Wait until you meet them personally. Say hi to…

Junaid Ahmed

A boy of 21, Junaid is an excellent chess player. Trust me, I was tempted to wage a brain war on the chessboard with this genius. If only time had allowed me!

He can swiftly type in both Hindi and English on the Computer, and finds his strength in his strong determination and confidence. Oh, and did I tell you that he also writes and recites poems?

He suffers from Cerebral Palsy.

Rehnuma Parween

Suffering from profound hearing impairment, 18 year-old Rehnuma can draw anything that you tell her within seconds! Yes, seconds. We communicated the theme ‘Rajasthan’ to her through symbols and here is the impromptu sketch that she created. I thought of recording a video, but by the time I fetched my phone and turned on the screen, she had already finished drawing.

Rehnuma also has a flair for stitching which she successfully capitalizes on.

Mohd. Bilal

This 22 year-old also suffers from Cerebral Palsy. He has a 2 year experience in computer typing, other than which he enjoys playing cricket. Bilal is sharp and confident and dreams of becoming a pilot someday.


He is 16. And he is a slow learner. But, his dancing skills have won the school team several accolades. When asked what his hobbies are, he answered art and craft, and cleaning. Well, isn’t that interesting?

Sumera Parween

She is 20 year old and Rehnuma’s elder sister. Just like her sister, she also suffers from profound hearing impairment and shares a flair for stitching. She wishes to work as a computer operator someday.

Manish Inani

This one’s a 20 year-old chap who loves to dance and who knows how to type. He is the athletic type who likes to run, play ball, and play football. Honesty is what characterizes him and with the same honesty he says that he aspires to be a doctor.

Varsha Pareva

I know her photo says otherwise, but trust me, she was the most cheerful one among the whole lot. A 20 year-old who suffers from severe Cerebral Palsy, Varsha is versatile! She writes poems, she knows how to type, and she loves to play football. She hopes to become a doctor or a bank accountant someday.

Amit Lalwani

Amit is 28 years old and one of his hobbies is shopping. A male who likes shopping! He’s precious!

Well, on a serious note, as cheerful and kind as he is, he also knows how to earn his living. He works at the school’s tiffin center and delivers tiffins and collects cash from the customers.

These kids have filled in their CVs and we are looking for opportunities to get them internships which would lead to employment. Are you hiring? Contact us at


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