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Aashi Sogani

JWB Intern

JWB Reviews ‘Looking For Alaska’ By John Green

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  •  January 29, 2016


With every book, there comes a chance of living a different life altogether! 

When I read John Green’s blockbuster, ‘The Fault in Our Stars,’ I was swept off my feet. So I decided to pick his debutant, ‘Looking for Alaska’ to fulfill my cravings for some heart wrenching, hardcore literature!

To make it sound easy, this is some mainstream ‘High School Drama’. John Green yet again nails it in portraying the teenage romance, but this novel has more to it. It is not another ‘boy meets girl’ crap.

The male protagonist, Miles Halter is a regular, lonely high school kid when one day he decides to seek ‘The Great Perhaps’ and leaves his hometown to move into ‘Culver Creek High School’. Luckily, this time, he identifies with the ‘cool gang’ and his life is never the same! Infatuation, smoke, booze becomes a regular affair. He befriends the dead hot Alaska Young, impulsive, carefree, self-destructive and there follows a series of ‘first girl, first kiss, first relationship, first prank and some last words!’

As you read the book, you start living with the characters, laughing with them at their pranks and sympathizing with them on their poor grades! The lead, Miles, gets caught up in Alaska’s labyrinth, his world turns upside down, and this is a story about how growing up is a treasure worth admiring!

I love how Alaska’s character is portrayed. She lives in the moment and sets some ‘to do goals in high school’, where the reader can’t help but hopelessly miss the long forgotten good old school episodes! And yes, she is one crazy feminist! There are instances where she refuses to iron clothes and cook for her male buddies just because she dismisses this task to be sexist, time where she protests against pornography for objectification of women, ‘Where is the Kissing?‘, she asks!

As you turn the last pages of the book, you admire Green’s skills for making some life altering plots but just wish there could be more to the climax! You obviously do not weep buckets like in ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ but you definitely understand the labyrinth of living life, forgiving, forgetting and moving on!

My ratings: 3.8 out 5. Just the end left me craving for more, otherwise a good read!

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