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Diary 7: Lehar of Self-Realization

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  •  August 4, 2014


So, finally the last day of Lehar Campaign is here. Hasn’t it been a memorable journey for all of us? Our heroine Shweta experiences a whole new life by bringing in small changes every day for 7 days. We felt how a woman has the power to alter her life for good, and our readers realized even they can be in the shoes of Shweta and revive their monotonous lives.

Below read her final diary she wrote for her campaign.

 “I cannot believe day 7 is here. This means the end of campaign. But definitely, not in my heart. The campaign has taught me thousands of lessons and I will always live each one of them. I will always jeep my life a little more interesting.


Today I went with a theme. I was given this gorgeous black flowing gown by & I totally felt like a Princess from a fairy tale after wearing it. Princess? So I called this day – my ‘Pampering Day’ but with a twist. The twist helped me change the ways I had been pampering myself for all these years.


What I meant by pampering here is not the “spoiling self’ day (because it generally comes with a hefty price tag!). Rather I meant – to take a good care of myself in whatever small way I can. We all have physical, emotional, mental & spiritual needs & we cannot just focus only on one. Pampering oneself is essential to build self esteem, self confidence & balance in our life.

With the same thought in my mind, I decided to indulge in things that make me smile! So in the morning, I quickly curled on my couch with a hot cup of tea reading one of the novels I never touched after buying it. Reading makes me forget about everything worrisome & proves to be a great stress buster. After that I had a really long no-rush bath where I used some homemade masks on my face. Oh, how my skin radiated after that!  

In the evening I went for a quiet walk in the park near my home & topped it with meditating for a few minutes there. Meditation helps me feel peace from within. Oh, I think I forgot to write about the small nap that I took in the afternoon. Anyway, since I am fond of penning down my thoughts, I spend a leisurely time with my diary later in the evening.

All this helped me unwind & I feel supercharged up. Someone has rightly said
“Regardless of what you want to achieve – a better career, marriage, a healthier life, a happier family – taking time to do what you really want to do will actually help you achieve it.”

The campaign has come to the end today and I feel so complete. Had this not happened with me, I wouldn’t have come across so many capabilities in me. The fulfillment in me has no boundary today and I will keep this feeling alive in the coming days too. I cannot thank Jaipur Women Blog enough who gave me this chance. Thank you team! Femina Lifestyle and Style n Scissors have been great! I will never forget their hospitality. I totally loved the hair today. Moreover, my husband couldn’t stop from praising my look. I am flattered.

Today I will sleep well more than ever!

Good night the ‘Newly-Discovered Me’

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