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  •  January 22, 2014

Don’t judge our hard-work thinking Google has everything about these women. Our blog will discover what even their Wiki pages don’t have. Starting from designing questions for 23 ladies to which Pie flavor each one of them would love to relish along with going haywire to get time amidst their busy schedule…trust us, we did it all.

FYI, we hand-made all the creative backdrops in the photos you are going to say ‘wow’ after seeing. Hold your breath & take a look at the list:

The very member of Indian Kitchen – Chapatti Pin (Belan) was given hundreds of makeover. It was turned into Traffic Light, Bow & Arrow, Hanger, Rocket & even an exquisite Taj Mahal.
So that our ladies could remember their pride of being a Jaipurite, our artisans left no stone unturned to recreate Hawa Mahal & the famous Ajmeri Gate using Carrot. And of course Amber Fort is in the list, which was made of Radish ornamented with mirror work.
We didn’t forget to give the ladies a comfortable ride back home. Automobiles with high speed (ahem!) were manufactured. Everything from a Cucumber Racing Car, Pear Helicopter, Bottleguard Plane, Brinjal Auto-rickshaw to a Radish Train. Vroom Vroom!
To maintain our festive jolly mood, we took with us the Lemon-lighted ‘Baraat’ with Cabbage music-plates, Bottleguard Trumpet, Pumpkin Drums, Coconut Dhol & Bottleguard Piano.
Certainly talking about their journeys would be filled with obstacles. We went prepared – Capsicum Cannon, Pomegranate Bomb, Almond Bullets, Banana Pistol. Oh and did we mention their Walnut Soldier Caps & Pistachio Boots. Bring ‘em on!
Human works in accord of environment so we took care of it as well. We had Brinjal Elephant, Cucumber Crocodile, Bitter guard Chameleon, Brinjal Peacock, Pineapple Fish, Potato Bird, etc to accompany us all through.
At the end, no story of a woman is complete without man! So we invited them too. We had a Brinjal Gentleman, an Apple Turban to mark his presence and Tomato Mars to signify his traits.
And no, we are not any Vegetable Vendor. We are a team bringing you few success stories of Happy Women from Jaipur who dipped their ‘Finger in the Pie’ so that many others like them can get inspired after reading their stories.

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