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Mrs. Rekha Bhargava stands as a Sugar Pot

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  •  November 28, 2014


You have read our 1st conversation with Jaipur based diabetic woman Anuja Singh, sharing her daily routine to win over diabetes. In our campaign ‘Stand as a Sugar Pot’ in association with Baidyanath Sugarfree Chyawanprash – Chyawan VitToday we will share  the inspirational life of another brave diabetic woman  – Mrs. Rekha Bhargava & her son Manas. Let us discover how a working woman living in a nuclear family is able to control her diabetes.

Mrs. Bhargava has definitely changed one perception about diabetes – that not every diabetic looks gloomy. Get inspired by her quirky stand as a sugar pot.

JWB – Hello, Rekha.

Rekha – Hello, dear.

JWB – How long is it that you have been diagnosed with diabetes?

Rekha – Almost 18 yrs. I have Type 1 diabetes.

JWB – Then you must be taking insulin!

Rekha – Once a day, 22 units.

JWB – How did you react when your doctor told you about it?

Rekha – I felt bad. I am a foodie, and I knew it was going to turn me the other way.

JWB – Apart from struggling with your food habits, was there any other complication that you faced?

Rekha – I still love food.

JWB – Haha, okay.

Rekha – I developed the terrible skin allergy that actually shot up my sugar level. After that, I was advised to take insulin regularly.

JWB – Did it alter your lifestyle?

Rekha – Not at all. In fact, now I don’t shy away from injecting insulin even when I am surrounded by many people.

Manas – It has altered lives of the entire family. Now we are constantly asked to focus on our health.

Rekha – By the way, show them how you have colored the pot for me.

Manas – I tried to put many messages for her in this small sugar-pot.

JWB – It looks amazing.

Rekha – Don’t miss the message inside the pot.

JWB – Err…’I C U’??

Manas – Well, I wanted to make something with an eye. I don’t know why I was doing it. Thing is, I tried making it, but then the space and wet colors…I don’t know. It has my good intentions behind.

JWB – We don’t even doubt that! The message inside the sugar-pot shows that.

At this, we all shared a little laughter.

JWB – How does your family support you fighting diabetes daily?

Rekha – Oh, they are not needed.

Manas – Well, we bring her medicines.

(Everyone laughed)

 JWB – Rekha, you live in a nuclear family. Is it a blessing if one is diabetic?

Rekha – Somewhere, yes. Because women in joint family really forget about themselves, while they are busy cooking for everyone in the big family, cleaning the big house and arranging everything else. She shifts her 1st meal after all the tasks. This is bad.

JWB – Which food do you avoid eating?

Rekha – In particular, potato, chiku, banana. But I have always loved mangoes.

JWB – So how do you resist yourself?

Rekha – Mangoes are for poor.

JWB – You are hilarious.

Rekha – 18 yrs back, I adopted this philosophy in my mind. Mangoes harm sugar level big time. So now I am like – ‘who needs mangoes, anyway!’

JWB – And how do you manage cooking different meals to match everyone’s taste?

Rekha – I cook according to my health preference, and they HAVE to eat it!

Manas – It has always been like this mom. When I was small, she used to cook karela (bitter-gourd) and threaten me that if would not eat it, she would cook it for next 7 days in a row. Horrifying.

JWB – Oh my god, that’s funny.

Rekha – But karela is healthy.

Manas – Mom, please.

Rekha – What about Chyawanprash?

Manas – It is sugar-free. Good for you.

Rekha – And for you too. Winters are here, you should start having one spoon with hot milk daily.

Manas – Yes mom!!!!

Rekha – You can call me dominating, I don’t care.

JWB – Talk about your personal efforts. Do you exercise?

Rekha – I go walking for 1 hr in the mooring and evening without fail. And, I close my kitchen at 8pm.

JWB – So that no food is cooked untimely and hence, no wrong eating habits?

Rekha – Absolutely.

JWB – Do you have any regret that you think might have led to diabetes?

Rekha – I wish I didn’t over-eat.

JWB – Mangoes?

Rekha – Haha. That too.

JWB – Is there anything that is limited in your life because of diabetes?

Rekha – I wish I could run and jog. I get tired very easily.

JWB – Finally, your message for our readers.

Rekha – Live for yourself, dear women, because your health is primary. Leave everything else for second innings.

This is how Rekha Bhargava stands as a sugar pot – brave and determined – to defeat diabetes every dayVivacious she is! We are inspired with her energy. Are you? Write to us!

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