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Jayati Godhawat

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Part 1: Jaipur Men Who Don’t Shy Away From Contributing To The Household!

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  •  December 31, 2015


“The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively”― Bob Marley

This New Year, JWB wants to begin by celebrating and embracing the men of the city. We want to express our gratitude to all men, who gave their unwavering support to the women in their life. 

On our hunt for the “Perfect Men”, we met six such husbands/brothers/sons/boyfriends who helped women with the household chores. While some were recommended by their family members, some volunteered themselves.

OOOOHH!!! Excited?

Warning for Men: Please read it carefully before she does, or she’ll get a reason to get into a squabble! *winks*

Let’s begin with Ankush Mehndiratta, the guy who has the best sister in the world. (Akshita, I need two boxes each, of those lip-smacking ice-creams for this. Okay, Please?)

While we were chatting, he said that watching his father do the housework, instilled him with a sense of helping and contributing to homework, too. Cheers to you too, sir!!

He informed that whenever he’s home, he devotes about 2-3 hours every day helping his sister and mom.

Quickly, we went to his bedroom, where he made his bed neatly and without a single crease, that we were thoroughly impressed. (The dreamy girl in me is already adding these traits to her wish list.)

He also shared that he and his sister have been cooking since their school days, and he likes experimenting. Upon being asked who cooks better, he very cleverly suggested, “You see, moms may be the best cooks at home, but most chefs are males.”

While I was busy thinking of the perfect counter, he modestly added, “Being a Punjabi, I cook delicious Tandoori Chicken.” And we could already see our Blogger Komal drooling.

While he was seeing us off, he showed the sunset point, seen from the back of his flat. I think I just fell in love!

Next one up is Mr. Vishesh Khandelwal who loves contributing to the kitchen! There are times when his wife Heena hands the karchis, rolling pins, and the entire kitchen to him, and he’s more than glad to take things over.

We just hope the onion cutting doesn’t give him too many tears, does it Vishesh?

I can already sense the aroma!

It’s said that good things don’t come easy. Famished and struggling to find our way to his home, when we finally reached and met Mr. Lav Tiwari, we knew that a person like him is a rare find.

He courteously led us into his bedroom, where his wife was resting on the bed and her daughter Chandana sitting across, watching us intently.

We began with the usual questions and enquired about his contribution to household chores. What we were to hear was little expected and shook us from deep within, and our hearts reached out to them.

Lav’s wife, Poornima, is suffering from tuberculosis in her spine, due to which she is bed-ridden. It first happened in 2012 but was cured in a year’s time but had relapsed in May this year. (While Komal sprinkled her magic dust on their family, we all prayed for her recovery and good health.)

So basically, he spends about 12 hours every day as, he takes care of the children, prepares all the meals, gives medicines to his wife, does all the other chores while going back and forth to his office.

Speechless!! Right?

I asked him *gawking *, “Where do you draw so much strength from?”

To which he so humbly replied, “The mental strength that women possess will be ever unmatched. But I believe, there is a woman in every man as we come from them, and at difficult times, that part gives us strength.”

And we all went “awwwwwww”.

Sensing that the talks had become too emotional, he assured us that they are a happy family and both the kids are their best stress busters. He smiling added, “I try and make the most of our outings, limited to the visits to Poornima’s doctor, by making a stop for statue’s cold coffee or burger farm’s burgers.”

On that, the rats in my stomach started pinching me. Patience, dearies!

And we took leave with a heavy heart but an inspiring story.


The celebration has just yet begun. Three more men are waiting to bust the so-called ‘gender-roles’ that’s been prevalent for generations. Stay tuned!

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