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Photo Story: Mirror Reflections of Mother Manju & Daughter Ananya

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  •  June 18, 2014


Meet our second pair of Mother-Daughter. Oops! We mean Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law. Manju Nowlakha is happy to introduce herself as a new mom-in-law (just 5 months) while Ananya is all gaga about her new family. But is that possible, that the 2 women have absolutely no difference between them?

Our campaign “Mirror Reflections’ is just trying to find out what all issues a mother (in-law) and her daughter (in-law) face with each other. This happens because of the age difference & the generation gap. Our mirror will help women realize that not every time one must seek her own reflection in the other rather reflect the present moment of happiness. The other person is a different life and has different sets of living rules. Being a mother (in-law) or daughter (in-law) doesn’t give you a right to force or reject the rules, respectively.

Let’s check out how the photoshoot with these 2 Jaipur ladies went out. Catching their every expression is our skilled Photographer Mr. Vinod Singh Gusain, and giving us priceless beauty tips is our Partner . Throughout the photoshoot, we have used only fruits to visualize various situations between them. Why fruits? It’s because Aura specializes in body & health therapies using only natural oils and extracts.

The earth laughs in flowers. And they, in hearts. Just 3 minutes with them and they are already the perfect reflections of each other.

While we were explaining them the essence of this photo shoot, they both were eagerly listening to us. Of course, they couldn’t help giving us another ‘mirror’ perfect shot!

And before shooting question, we had armed them with weapons. Literally.

The happening duo was given an apple and a banana as the target and firearm. Look how quick they responded, after all who smiles while being executed?

Ah! And Manju continued making animated faces.

We told them about the Apple Facial and Hair Spa at Aura which are especially introduced during summers – for melanin free skin and dandruff free scalp.

And look how they applied the Pomegranate Face Mask. Unconsciously, using the opposite hands, hence giving us another mirror replica of their images in one another.

Aura’s Anti-Oxidant Facial has pomegranate that helps get rid of the sun tanned dead skin hidden deep in layers, giving the youthful look to the skin back.

The ladies then asked for some Sandalwood skin therapy. The aroma that no one can beat. The healing that cannot be second. Every Indian woman believes in the power of sandalwood when it comes to beauty.

Aura, which is known to provide aromatherapies spas from royal historic period, understands the qualities of sandalwood. Make sure you experience the sandalwood oil massage this season.

Ananya and Manju enjoyed the spray of orange most. We can still listen to the giggles that filled their lobby. If to giggle and chuckle are synonyms so are these mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Aura uses the goodness of orange in its Fruits Facial, Whitening Body Masque and other Skin Lightening therapies. The vitamin C in this fruit is one of the best remedies to get your fairness back during harsh summer.

And lastly, the 2 ladies chose marigold flowers as their earrings. This perfumed final touch up was delightful.

It was time Ananya to shoot question to a new mother-in-law for wisdom. She asked Manju how she has blended the roles of a woman and a wife so wonderfully!

Manju replied with poise: “Marriage is a big phenomenal change for every woman. The 1st year, according to me, should be dedicated to the new family. This helps a woman understand her role of a wife and daughter-in-law closely. This approach worked for me!”

Ananya quipped: “Give me few tips on becoming the best daughter-in-law and wife for you and Dinar (her husband).” Manju:   “You are already, darling Ananya. But still if you’re asking in particular, I would say forgiveness is the biggest tool. Let go the pity issue, they can develop into big ones and harm the relationships. Secondly, be unshakable for your husband. A man loves a woman who is strong and supports him during difficult times.  Ananya continued asking: “And what mistake you don’t want me to repeat? ” Manju replied with pain in the voice: “Never go against your in-laws. This I am saying from my personal experience, dear.”

Whoa! Remember Mrs. Neera too gave the same wisdom-words to her daughter Apra? Guess, this tip is really something to think upon.

At the end Manju was told to ask anything from Ananya and she said: “Ananya, are you happy here?” To which Ananya replied: “Almost.” That moment we experienced wet eyes and smiles on their faces. This ‘almost’ was not the unhappiness but Ananya’s constant endeavor of coming close to the Nowlakha family. Manju got up and hugged Ananya, and we couldn’t stop smiling.

How do you find the ‘Mirror Relfection’ campaign? Do write to us in the comments below telling us if this campaign has helped you reflect something within? Something that you think might change your relationship with your in-laws.

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