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PHOTO TEASER: Ananya as a mirror reflection of her Mom-in-law Manju

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  •  May 10, 2014


This duet wants us to realize that the truth lies in the present moment which one can reflect in the mirror. A mother should always be walking with time to give her daughter the space she needs, whereas a daughter must not be too free-flying and ignore everything her mother has to stay by naming her an old-fashioned person. Here, she needs to adjust and respect the latter’s values. This project will reflect eternal arguments in the mirror of life. It will talk about our two mothers: Mom & Mom-in law.

A riot of mischievous laughs: they were Manju & Ananya Nowlakha (new mother-in-law & daughter-in-law).

See, we told you! Just the true mirror reflections of each other.

We came loaded with a heavy antique table to set our mirror frame into the correct entourage and left with loads of happy memories and thrilling emotions.

Ananya was all ears to our photoshoot directions. Sign 1 of a good daughter-in-law.

Yes, we made Ananya fire the apple-target on the head of her mother-in-law with the banana gun. Why banana & apple? Well, we remember the tip from

To add to the feast we had with tasty Aura’s beauty ingredients, we were treated with delicious juice.

When Manju asked Ananya if she was happy at her new home, Ananya replied – ‘almost every single moment.’ Almost? Was that a trigger for a heated conversation?

Ananya is new, and she will take her time to adapt to the new life after marriage. BUT, if you are thinking she is somewhere not connected to her dear mother-in-law, read this: When Manju wore her glasses to read the script, Ananya too swiftly brought her glasses and said – ‘Aren’t we playing each other’s mirror reflections?’ Aww.

Any other proof of their loving bond? We are coming with the full story and with even bigger number of wonderful photos by Vinod Singh Gusain.

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