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Lavanya Bahuguna


See Anshul, Shehnai-Master From Hus-BAND, Pinning Down His Busy Schedule For His Wife

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  •  October 19, 2016


“Mine was a fairytale. It was the perfect setup. Both of us were in the school’s examination hall when I saw her. Incredibly beautiful, busy writing her paper, while I was staring at her until the class teacher hit hard on my head. I knew it was love at first sight. Her golden hair and brown eyes shining in the sunlight piercing through the window looked magical. ”

This is the first memory Anshul has of Arpita. After 15 years of marriage and two beautiful kids, Anshul is very much in love with his wife. And to surprise her on Karwa Chauth, he decided to prepare some melodious Shehnai music for her.

Erm.. .except that the Shehnai is a chapatti-pin from their kitchen.

Through our campaign Hus-BAND, we’ve created a music band with three Jaipuri husbands wherein they’ve created kitchen music for their wives on the occasion of Karwa Chauth. Also, the husbands have shared their love stories. Since Anshul claims to be super-busy with his business work, we made him jot down few promises to his wife.

“I am planning to help her more with the household chores. For now, the biggest help I offer to her is by being punctual,” said Anshul.

During the school, he tried to catch her attention by dropping his pencil, then the eraser and later, the measuring scale on the ground. However, things are different today.

“I have all her attention. From what I am wearing to what I eat throughout the day and which gadgets I use, she looks after everything. She is my Minister, I owe it all to her,” smiled Anshul.

He added, “I have surprised her so many times in these years. But this one is going to be huge. Making a love-filled promise to her will make her go weak in the knees.”

So, what promises is he making to his wife, this Karwa Chauth? He answered, “To be with her more than usual. After 15 years, our love stands as strong as the rock. Only the lack of time has changed things. I want to see the same chirpy and carefree Arpita. The responsibilities have snatched her self-time. I want her to pay more attention to herself.

With the power of this Shehnai, I promise to blow away all her worries and workload to fill her life with joy!”

With various utensils used as the musical instruments, these husBANDS tell us what makes their marriages beautifully melodic. In the evening when their wives will be all set to witness the beauty of the moon, these wonderful, along with Team JWB, will surprise them. How? Keep an eye! xoxo

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