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Sexologist Dr. Saatiish Jhuntrraa: Masturbation is a Right of a Woman

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  •  May 25, 2015


The title of this article alone is probably enough to make you look around if anyone is watching while you are reading it. However, is that right? When I told my mom I am going to interview a sexologist, she did not say anything but raised her eyebrow. Yes, we Indians do not like to talk about sex. It is taboo, against our culture. It is no surprise that most Indians keep their views about sex private.Dr. Saatiish Jhuntrraa, a Certified Sexologist/Psychiatrist from Vivan Hospital, tells why it is important for women to discuss sex without feeling ashamed about it.

JWB: Who is more hesitant to consult you –  men or women?

Dr. Saatiish: In comparison to women, men are more hesitant about going to a doctor for consultancy. Most of my male patients come after being forced by their wives and families.

JWB: What are common problems of your patients?

Dr. Saatiish: In a married couple, both the partners these days are busy with their careers during initial few years of the marriage. Moreover, when they realize that the right time has come to try for a baby they may face difficulties.
Moreover, men mostly come with the problems like the lack of desire, the erectile dysfunction, the premature ejaculation or other ejaculation problems. Women come with problems like the difficulty having an orgasm, the pain during sex or the inability to have penetrative sex. 

JWB: What kind of sexual discussion must a couple have before marriage?

Dr. Saatiish: Premarital counseling provides a safe space for couples to discuss their sexual hopes, fears and expectations. Once couples break the silence around this issue, they report feeling incredibly relieved and more secure and optimistic about their sexual future together.

JWB: How does sexual counseling help improve the sexual life?

Dr. Saatiish: When we keep a correct check on almost all our health areas, it is also essential to give serious thoughts on check of our sexual behavior as well. Sexologist provides insightful sex education so that you can make your married life healthy. You can share your personal sexual problems and many other issues frankly. The more open you are, the more easy it is to help you.

JWB: Have you ever counseled any marital rape case?

Dr. Saatiish: No, I have not received any such case until now.

JWB: How does a woman suffer if her husband’s sexual desires and her own are not blissfully matched?

Dr. Saatiish: In most of the marriages, over expectations about sex and not communicating about it are the reasons behind its failure. I believe that sex is a very important part of a healthy and loving relationship. If a woman is involved in it forcefully and not willingly, then the sex probably become bad for her self-esteem and general well-being, just like everything else in the relationship.

JWB: Do people contact you directly or on the recommendation?

Dr. Saatiish: Most often they are referred by a medical or psychological health care provider after discussing related issues. Moreover, Vivan Hospital for Sexual Health is the only hospital in Jaipur that provides online counseling for sex related problems.

JWB: Is masturbation a right of a woman? Would you recommend it?

Dr. Saatiish: People have many misconceptions about sexual life. Let me tell you very loud & clear, it is all myth that masturbation is “unhealthy or bad”. This myth has created unwanted confusions & tensions in minds of people about a very healthy method (masturbation) of achieving sexual pleasure without being indulged into risks of sexually transmitted diseases (STD), HIV infection & unwanted pregnancy.

Starting from Adolescent age, we are bombarded with quacks through the media that masturbation causes weakness, blindness, backache, gallstones, kidney stones, problems in future sex life with partner etc. These are all highly prevailed myths.

JWB: Would you recommend using sex toys to couples?

Dr. Saatiish: For people who are comfortable using them, they bring a lot of pleasure to self-stimulation or stimulation with a partner. Although some women worry that their partner will find sex toys threatening. They can actually help couples enjoy a more fun and adventurous sex life. Whatever your choice, be sure to buy sex toys made with safe materials which can reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals.

JWB: How important is it to include sex education in the school syllabus?

Dr. Saatiish: Children who are sexually abused during childhood face many troubles in leading a happy sex life after marriage. For this, the correct sex education is important.

Children today have access to countless avenues of information, some of which may not be correct and can lead to mistakes in later life. When sex education is taught in school at the proper time, it can eliminate many myths about sex and provide a realistic view of sex and reproduction. It is especially important to teach girls how they should take care of themselves. It is the most effective method for preventing STD’s and unwanted pregnancies.

JWB:  Can you tell us about any case that gives a picture of the current psyche of society regarding sex?

Dr. Saatiish: Yes, I remember a very interesting case. Once one of my male patient viewed a porn movie with his fiancé. After viewing the film, his fiancé realized that she wants to have sex the way it was shown in the movie. At that, my patient realized that his body is not as perfect as the porn star of the movie. He was very disturbed about it when he came to me.

JWB: Do people ever tell the truth about sex?

Dr. Saatiish: When it comes to sexuality, people generally tell lies.

JWB:  Any shocking fact you would like to share with us that will break any stereotype?

Dr. Saatiish: Girls are more eager to lose their virginity these days. Also, sex has become more casual in rural India in comparison to urban India. There is a problem of space for sex in the cities but in villages and towns there is no such a problem. Moreover, there are a lot of societal taboos and problems in cities about these kinds of relations.

JWB:  What are the main reasons behind the increasing number of divorce cases these days?

Dr. Saatiish: I feel that low societal values have become a common reason for divorce. Sometime I get patients who want to marry a person half their age. People are involved in many immoral activities outside their marriage relationships just to maintain their modern image in the society.

JWB: Would you like give any message to our society through Jaipur Women Blog?

Dr. Saatiish:  The society needs to understand certain things:

  1. Sex should be fun.
  2. Pleasure is good for you.
  3. Everyone has the right to enjoy his or her sexuality without fear of violence.
  4. Free expression of one’s sexuality is a vital part of being human.

JWB: We are grateful to you for sharing this knowledge with our readers and helping in bringing a change in the society.

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