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Komal Panwar


Sharing Her Photo In A Bikini, This Woman Gave Us A Lot To Think

  • JWB Post
  •  July 9, 2016


“Put on your damn swimsuit.” These words are like a time machine. They take me back to the era when I would put on a swimsuit and cuss my body. It’s the overt truth.

We all still do it, we starve ourselves to look skinny, we give up on eating everything we love until we start detesting it.

News Anchor Erin Kiernan figured it out sooner than all of us. She knew there was something wrong when she visited her memory book and saw a picture of herself.

In the caption she wrote, “When I first saw this picture, I was horrified. My inner dialogue went like this … ‘Cellulite! Huge thighs! Stretch marks! Blech!’ Two years and several pounds and stretch marks later I’m wondering why I’ve felt this way about myself for so many years.”

Sound familiar, doesn’t it? The problem is that we all go through the exact feeling all the f*cking time. Either we don’t like our body, our shape, boob size, butt size, skin, or height. There’s always something that’s stopping us from putting on the damn swimsuit.

Read the whole essay that grew viral on the internet:

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