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Shivani Patil Fed JWB The F-Drug & This Addiction Is Here To Stay

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  •  September 10, 2016


Right after Mumbai-based Fashion Blogger Shivani Patil landed in Jaipur, we asked her if the desert sun is too much to handle for her. With sunnies on and a bottle of cold fresh juice in her hand, she replied, “I think I am in love with the Pink City, already!”

15 seconds and THIS reaction. We were in love with her!


Shivani runs her fashion page under the name The F-Drug. Hold your horses; the F stands for Fashion. Duh.

Anyhoo, I took Rohan and Shivani for dinner the night before she was to take the Bloggy Boogie’s fashion blogging workshopRohan? Rohan is Shivani’s boyfriend/photographer. Cute, eh

“So, Shivani.  How excited are you for the workshop, I asked.

“Excited and nervous. I am shy”, she answered.

I refused to buy this. A camera-person couldn’t be shy.

Shivani told me how her 18-year-old self was all restless two years back wanting to enter the fashion world. She remembered, “I took six months to take that one step. My father bought us a DSLR camera which, by the way, is his only investment into The F-Drug. After that, there was no looking back.”

Talking about the initial days, she shared, “First, I began styling using my own wardrobe collection. While I was training myself to be fashion enthusiast, Rohan polished himself as a photographer. It’s an ongoing learning journey for us, you see.”

Rohan added, “Slowly, we began receiving appreciation from people and brands started to write in for collaborations. With this, we also learned about the business tactics.”

And, what is that they learned about each other?

“That she gotta take 80 selfies before she chooses one,” quipped Rohan.

“That he clicks the best selfies ever,” giggled Shivani.

Entertained, I decided to dig in further.

“She is incredibly indecisive. The reason why she has ordered a ‘simple Maggi’ is that she couldn’t decide which other flavor is better.”

“That, in no way, is true, Mr.”

“And she is extremely shy, too.”

“False, again.”

“In that case, can you request the waiter for some water?”


“Told ya.”

OMG, Shivani was indeed an introvert.

Before we wrapped up the session, I decided to shower Shivani with some fashion questions.

I warned her, “Consider this as a rapid fire, okay?”

Houndstooth: Which fashion trend do you want to bite?

Tees with holes. Ripped denim looks chic but not t-shirts and shirts, please.

Stripes: If you were not a fashion blogger, who would you have been in the parallel world?

A regular student.

Micro-prints: One trinket-size fashion advice?

Don’t let your bra straps show when you wear off shoulders. Or for that matter, sheer.

Tribal prints: One fashion shoot destination you want to visit. 

If India, it has to be Kutch. Or else, Europe!

Florals: What/who blossoms your mood up when you’re sad?


Checks: What has been checked off your bucket list?

Getting featured in my fave fashion magazine – Grazia.

Paisley: One ethnic style you are never bored of.


Animal prints: Are you a wild child?

Secretly, I am.

Color-block: One fact about you that contradicts your online presence.

I can’t dance. My feet freeze when a song plays.

Quirky prints: One fun fact about you.

I love cold food.

Polkas: What/who is the center of your life?

My doggie!

Illusionary optical prints: One myth about fashion blogging?

We don’t crazily diet. I am eating Maggie, for god’s sake.

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