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  •  April 2, 2014

In association with Soma Blockprints designer store, Jaipur Women Blog decided to study the live case of Generation Gap between Jaipur based Mother-Daughter duos. Our media partner 94.3 My FM helped us find such duos who were ready to tell their stories of Short(s) Talk between them.

One such couple was – 40 years old Mother, Shruti Bhatnagar & 16 years old daughter, Shubhangi. Shubhangi boldly told her mom she wanted to see ‘Ragini MMS 2’ and of course Shruti was against this decision. We found a spark of fun mixed with care in their relationship and hence, decided to take them to the next round of campaign. This part was to be shot Live at Soma designer store. The idea was to encourage the mother and the daughter to select 3 clothing styles from Soma’s latest Spring/Summer 2014 collection for each other. We repeat, for each other. This was meant to lead them towards a discussion of what suits them, why they have different choices, who is modern and who is old-fashioned, so on.

To make the ‘heated’ conversation light and also helping them understand the generation gap issue, the Fashion Designer of Soma was present on the site. She helped them understand various season styles and suggested what style they could go ahead with. The motto was to help them accept the differences, not even in fashion related issue but also in other areas of life choices.

Our team along with Mrs. Sharma of 94.3 My FM & Soma’s Fashion Designer reached the centrally situated Soma Blockprints. The showroom is on the well-known road of C-scheme locality – Janakpuri lane. Soon after us, the mother-daughter also reached.

Shubhangi (daughter): Glad we won, mom. Lovely Frocks. OMG, I love!

Shruti (mom) (opens her arms wide-open): Wow, why didn’t I come here before?

Shubhangi: Mom, please don’t embarrass me! Everyone is here already.

We welcomed them inside. The ambiance of Soma is exactly what you need in this scorching heat. The flower plants outside the main door are just about welcoming every passer-by inside. It has walls painted in light hues, cotton curtains in floral prints and the cupboards too painted in light summery hues. And the collection, well, it is all about summers! You name it, Soma has it. Prints like florals, optical, quirky. Ethnic couture for women and girls. Home décor like curtains, bedsheets, coverlets. Western fashion like scarves, skirts, hats and even designer handbags.

Now was the time when the duo was asked to pick 3 styles from Soma’s collection for each other! The excitement began when the two exchanged a glance, smiled and went on their own routes. The mom decided to head towards the western collection where she could grab frocks, skirts, etc. We are talking a teenage girl here who goes to school and wants to wear everything trendy. The daughter, though, wanted her mom in altogether different look. She began with women’s wear section, not displaying kurtas but something else. A bit modern look was in Shubhangi’s mind.

We asked Shubhangi to disclose the 3 styles for Shruti. First one was a blue printed Kurti-skirt. Shruti tries it and says: “I don’t think I should wear skirts at all. This looks mediocre on me”.Shubhangi: Mom, will you ever come out of your regular Salwar-kameez styles?

Shruti: If I look like this, then never.

Shubhangi: You look good. Change is always for good. Check out the 2nd style – a black ghagra-skirt with pink kurti.

Shruti: Again a skirt? No, no.

Soma’s Fashion Designer made the job a little easy. She said: “Shruti ji, you have an average height and not-too-heavy body type which is good enough to carry the indo-western style of Skirts. Go on.”

Listening to an expert made Shruti try the 2nd style.She really looked pretty. But she put a different view.

Shruti: Oh, my eyes are hurting. (laughs) It is such a dazzling bright pink color. I would have preferred something in white for this season. Look at that section at the corner, so many soothing pastel hues just for this hot season.

Fashion Designer: I liked the color combination. It is the perfect Color-block for this season. I guess you haven’t liked the 1st style because of color, but this one is admiring your fair skin tone.

Shruti: Hmm, you are right. And I love these small cow-motifs on the side. It gives a hint of quirk.

Shubhangi: Now you see, I am trying to enhance your look. All moms are like this.

Every one shared a light smile.

Mrs. Sharma (My FM): Don’t forget that all daughters are like you, Shubhangi. They think we moms are always wrong. Haha.

It was time for Shruti to try the 3rd and final style – a White Angrakha Anarkali.Shruti: I can’t believe she chose this. I was expecting a small skirt this time. I had no idea she would go for an ethnic style.

Mrs. Sharma (My FM): Aww. She knows her mother’s taste. Appreciate her.

Fashion Designer: Again, I would advise this style to you. Subtle and elegant. And plus, it is white – what you are looking for.

Shruti: Yes, absolutely. I am loving this style the most. Just what I would like to wear in a function during heating day time.

Shubhangi: I knew this was an easy catch.

Shruti: Oh really, I hope I get to say the same for what I have picked for you.

Shubhangi: Better be.

Mrs. Sharma (My FM): Ok, girls! It’s time to swap the positions. Time to send Shubhangi to the changing room. Let’s see if the daughter agrees to her mom’s wardrobe choices.

Shruti: She never agrees. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Fashion Designer: Come’ on. A mother knows her daughter like no one. I am sure you will come out in flying colors in this test.

Shubhangi: If all the wishes have been said, can I go inside and try?

Shruti: Since you love frocks, I have picked few of them.

The teenage excitement was prevailing. The enthusiasm was equally horrifying for the dear mum. And much to her fear, a loud voice came out from the changing room.

Shubhangi (at the top of her voice): OH NO! NOWAY! You’ve got to be kidding me, Mom.

Such beautifully maintained store cannot have lizards roaming around. So why that scream?

Shubhangi: It is tooooo long. I am not coming out.

Fashion Designer: Our votes count too.

Shruti: Come out, beta.

Mrs. Sharma (My FM): Calm down. You like the prints? The pattern?

Shubhangi: It is below knee length. Oh god, I am never coming out. Pass me the 2nd dress.

Shruti: Until you are not coming, I am not passing anything. Your call.

The door opens and with a ‘talk to my palm’ expression on her face, Shubhangi came out.

The door opened and with a ‘talk to my palm’ expression on her face, Shubhangi came out.

Shruti:  It’s just an inch below your knee. It looks descent than other skirts in your wardrobe. Moreover, 60’s Mod fashion is back this year and that’s a frock from the latest collection!

Shubhangi: Mom, you knew I don’t wear these long dresses still…

Shruti: Not always that I like your short dresses. This looks pleasing to the eye.

Shubhangi: Not to my eyes. Can I have scissors, please?

Everyone burst into laughter.

Fashion Designer: Though, this dress highlights your thin upper waist, if you don’t like it we are not going to pressurize. Take in the 2nd style.

Shubhangi: It has to please me or I am going to ‘Ragini MMS 2’ tonight with my friends.

Shruti: Try doing that.

Shubhangi went inside and this time everyone was crossing their fingers.

Shubhangi: Calm down – ok, I kinda like this one.

A sigh of relief.

Shruti: It is a short Anarkali. I have randomly picked it – 1st because it is white and 2nd I wanted to see her in this ethnic style.

Mrs. Sharma (My FM): Good choice. A sight of pleasant change.

Fashion Designer: How do you like it, Shubhangi?

Shubhangi: The kurti looks beautiful. But I don’t find the churidar matching my style.

Fashion Designer: Exactly, that’s the edge in this set. The churidar pajama is its USP. See closely and you will find it is inspired with Jodhpuri Pants.

Shubhangi: Makes sense. I can wear something like this during a traditional function.

Shruti: So this means I get 1 point. (smiles)

Mrs. Sharma (My FM): Let’s see if you earn 1 more. Go on Shubhangi, take the 3rd style inside.

Shubhangi: Can I see a skirt? Really mom, that too knee length!

Shruti Smiled.

Shubhangi hugs her mom and says: And I always thought you hate them. Thank you.

Shruti: I am just concerned about you. Damn it, you wear short skirts in winters. You can catch cold. This is for summers.

Shubhangi: Aah, that’s something I will decide.

Shubhangi went inside and came with a happy face. But why is she hiding it?

Shubhangi: Stop clicking pictures you, paparazzis.

Shruti: Stop this act.

Shubhangi: What…I look good!

Fashion Designer: You sure do. Mumma gets 2 points.

Shruti: So you are not going to ‘Ragini MMS’, dear.

Mrs. Sharma (My FM): Shruti, how many times she points out when your get all dressed up?

Shruti: 8 out of 10.

Mrs. Sharma (My FM): And Shubhangi in your case?

Shubhangi: She nags me almost every time. Whatever I wear, she has to poke me. 

There was a lot that the mother-daughter explored this day. Like every woman, they made a list of what they want to buy from Soma Blockprints. We made the day a little more adventurous for them, gifted both of them separate Rs. 2000 Cash Vouchers that they could avail while shopping with Soma store!

At the end we asked them the experience and like another pack of surprise, they said:

Shruti: As her mother, I could understand her choices more closely. I generally shops for her on my own. Today’s campaign has led me understand my daughter like never before. I was nervous while I chose her clothes today. But now I know her choices, her taste and her demands. Next time when I will buy anything for her, I know what she is expecting back home.

Shubhangi: I hope she will listen to me and would take fashion advice from me. The skirt she didn’t want to try is now going back with us home. She needs to move with time and as a daughter I am going to help my mom. I was not scared while I picked 3 styles for her because I am confident with my choice.

Kids are growing each passing day and are grabbing a lot from the outer world. Undoubtedly, they are young, smart, fashionable and with taste. It is ok to ask your daughter what to wear, which color suits you, which handbag to carry, etc. Consider her like your friend who wants you to look the most beautiful. And daughters, when mom says you can’t wear a certain thing, think from her perspective. May be she can see what you can’t? She looks for your protection – and if clothing style contributes to it, why not re-consider your choices at times!

Check the entire photo album here.

We thank Mr. Vinod Singh Gussain for catching every intimidating moment in his lenses. Visit his page to .

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