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Teaser Story: ‘I Feed Breastfeeding’

  • JWB Post
  •  August 19, 2014


We are thrilled to show you our new campaign – ‘I feed breastfeeding’. The photoshoot has been successfully completed! You know about the family that we have roped in to spread the message of how important breastfeeding is for a baby. 

We think it is not just the mother who has to breastfeed and take care of the baby, but the support of the whole family towards making it effective and productive for the baby’s growth. But before we move on with the campaign, don’t you want to meet this family’s baby doll Yagyaa?

We asked them how it is to have a new addition in the family?

“Oh it is exciting than ever. I just cannot live without this bundle of joy. When she is awake, I play with her all the time. I love keeping her in my arms,” says the excited Mr. V.K. Goel, Yagyaa’s grandfather.

Mrs. Kusum Goel, Yagyaa’s grandmother says: “My wish to have a baby girl was completed by my daughter-in-law Megha. After 2 sons, I really wanted to shower my love on a girl and then came Yagyaa after so many years. I am happy for Vishal and Megha, they have been great parents, though this is their 1st time.”

So what if Yagyaa is just 6 months old, her habits will take you by surprise. When the photo shoot reached its end, the baby started humming her own music. We all looked at her, and she quietly put her head on her mother’s shoulders. Her father, Vishal, fondly told us one of her habits that made us burst laughing. He said: “It’s time for her sleep. Yagyaa is singing herself lullaby. She doesn’t ask for any bedtime melody to fall asleep like other babies, rather she does it for herself.”

Wonderful! After few minutes she was asleep and her uncle, Manu Jain, took her in his lap. Manu said: “And get ready for more naughtiness in sometime, she will awake in half an hour. You will see, she takes power naps.”

Let’s have a sneak peek into the campaign via this brief photo story:

  • The jersey was customized for every teammate that made them chirp with happiness. Each one of them had a message of how they contribute in the campaign using the term ‘I feed breastfeeding’. They refused to put it off after the photoshoot was done.

  • The theme of the campaign is rather unique and shows the team work necessary for the success of any squad. In this case, the grown-ups portray the team and no, the baby is not the catch-ball by any chance.

  • Instead she is the apple of her father’s eye. They say girls with features more like father, are lucky. Baby Yagyaa seems one of those. Here, daddy Vishal will tell us how he contributes in breastfeeding.

  • And the main player Megha – Mommy Dearest, is all set to launch the banner for many breastfeeding moms around the city by becoming an inspiration for them.

  • And if you wonder what Mr. Raju Tanwani, the Co-owner of is doing in this campaign, hold on. This enthusiastic man will be telling mommies of Jaipur how to make breastfeeding way more effective using nature’s powers.

Aura’s presence is special for our campaign. Since Aura is known for body treatments using only natural extracts, we asked it to suggest spa or body treatment a feeding mother can have.

After the delivery, the mother can undergo stress along with many muscular aches. Antidepressant medication while breastfeeding days can be both good and bad. In breastfeeding, less than 5% and as little as 1% of the drug passes into breast milk which means that exposure of the baby to these medications is minimal. However, some babies may show withdrawal effects. So what shall be done in such cases?

Mr. Raju suggested: “Pre & post natal treatments are not just for the mother but also for the baby. While Pre-natal helps you prepare for the Labor Day and release stress and muscular aches that comes with bearing a child, post-natal helps your tummy muscles realign. It also eases tired and sore muscles in the neck and shoulders.

The postnatal period lasts six to eight weeks, beginning right after the baby is born. Haven’t you noticed that during this time the new mother goes through physical alterations in her body along with a lot of emotional changes? Post-natal massage & spa relaxes the mind and body, relieving muscular tension, spinal alignment, promotes well-being and improves sleep at night. Also the oils used help reduce the stretch marks that no woman wants. All this is, of course, clubbed with proper rest; nutrition care and health care which indirectly helps take care of the new-born. There is no special time that you can give to yourself. Don’t wait for your baby to grow up, instead use moments during baby’s nap time. In the end, you deserve it!”

The complete campaign is coming up soon on our page. It promises to be fun! And the last hint for now: all family members have acted as Olympic athletes and spread the inspiring and proud message that “I Feed Breastfeeding!” Stay tuned to meet breastfeeding cheerleaders, weightlifters, shooters, discus throwers etc.

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