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Ayushi Agarwal

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These 7 Charts Depict The State Of Gender Equality Around The Globe

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  •  March 16, 2016


International Women’s day just whizzed past us, and for one day, womanhood was exclusively celebrated. Sadly, women are given importance for only one day. It’s no secret that the overall state of gender equality worldwide is extremely pathetic.

Apart from being restricted socially and culturally, women are lagging behind politically and economically, as well. Here are seven charts that show why being a woman in 2016 is an occasion for celebration, and for outrage:


Women are chronically underrepresented in politics, which means far too few have the power to create laws and policies that shape daily life. When women have equitable political power, conversations about women’s rights take on a different tone, and sexism in laws and government is more likely to get called out. As Senator Elizabeth Warren has said, “If you don’t have a seat at the table, you’re probably on the menu.”


When women work, economies grow. And when women have the power to save and manage their earnings, they have much more agency in their own lives. Empowering women economically means valuing the work women already do, and giving them the opportunities they need to expand their role in the global workforce.


Despite the fact that maternal deaths are largely preventable, thousands upon thousands of women die every year delivering babies, largely in developing countries. At the same time, teenage childbearing remains startlingly high, which has negative effects on young women, their families and broader society. As the World Health Organization has said: “While motherhood is often a positive and fulfilling experience, for too many women it is associated with suffering, ill health and even death.”



We have a long way to go, and the road would be bumpy and treacherous. But, it’s gonna be worth it.  #WeAreWoman


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